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Sreeja Konidela, also commonly recognized by the name Chiranjeevi Sreeja, is basically the daughter of the many hit stars of the Telugu film industry, recognized by the name Chiranjeevi Konidela. That being said, you should also note that Sreeja Konidela used to be very fond of playing badminton on a regular basis.  

As Sreeja Konidela had an immense interest in the badminton sport, her father also expressed the desire to make her a successful badminton player of the current era. However, Sreeja Konidela could not complete this dream of her father due to a considerable number of unknown reasons.  

It would be best to continue reading this article in detail if you wish to learn more about the life of Sreeja Konidela, such as the Sreeja Konidela age, height, net worth, weight, family details, siblings, physical appearance, body measurements, and much more! 

All About the Personal Life of Chiranjeevi Daughter Sreeja  

While talking about the personal life of Sreeja Konidela, you should be well aware of the fact that Sreeja Konidela used to be the wife of Sirish Bharadwaj, who is a well-known politician and a member of the BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party.) The marriage of Sreeja Konidela and Sirish Bharadwaj took place in some part of 2017. However, the marriage ceremony was kept a secret by the couple.  

However, their marriage could not last much longer. This is because of the actuality that Sreeja Konidela filed a case in court against her husband for dowry harassment issues. With that said, we should also mention that Sreeja Konidela successfully received a divorce from her husband in some part of 2011. In addition to this, Sreeja Konidela was also given rights by the court to keep the child that she had with her first husband.  

After her divorce from Sirish Bharadwaj, Sreeja Konidela decided to tie the knot with her childhood friend. That being said, you should also know that Sreeja Konidela is living her life happily at the current moment with her childhood friend. In order to learn more about the net worth, family details, physical appearance, statistics, income, and siblings of Sreeja Konidela, we would advise you to continue reading below!  

Some Crucial Details About the Life of Chiranjeevi Daughter Sreeja

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By now, you might have already gathered that the main reason why Sreeja Konidela is so famous on the internet right now is that she is the daughter of Chiranjeevi, who is also a Telugu-based actress. Now, let us also tell you about the other family details of Sreeja Konidela. As far as the Sreeja Konidela age is concerned, you should know that she is predicted to be around 30 years old at the present moment. 

As far as the father of Sreeja Konidela is talked about, we should mention that he was associated with the South cinema as a qualified veteran actor. Keeping that in mind, another crucial aspect of the father of Sreeja Konidela is that he possessed immense dedication and love for sports. Sreeja Konidela was born in the Chennai region of India. 

Ever since she was born, she used to love playing badminton. However, she could not take this sport to an international or national level with her profession.  

What Do We Know About the First Marriage of Sreeja Konidela

As we have already mentioned previously, Sirish was the name of the first husband of Sreeja Konidela, with whom she initially got married in a secretive manner. Nevertheless, their marriage could not stand for much longer as they were unable to resolve their differences. According to various credible sources on the internet, Sreeja Konidela was physically and mentally tortured by her first husband, Sirish, for a 1.5 crore dowry.  

In March 2011, a harassment complaint was also filed against Sirish by his wife, Sreeja Konidela, as she could not tolerate her husband anymore. Anyhow, upon investigation, Sreeja Konidela revealed that she had already given a considerable amount of money to her husband, Sirish, out of love.  

Later on, Sreeja Konidela got married to her childhood friend, who is usually recognized by the name Kalyan Dhev. Kalyan Dhev, the second husband of Sreeja Konidela, is a successful businessman as well as a jeweler who currently resides in the United States of America.   

The Bottom Line 

The name of the mother of Sreeja Konidela is Chiranjeevi. She has indeed set her name firmly in the Telugu film industry. This is because of the actuality that she has been working in the film industry for quite a while now.  

Sreeja Konidela got divorced after being married to Sirish. Nevertheless, she finally tied the knot with her childhood friend and is living a happily married life at the present moment.

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