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Celebrities are followed around everywhere with every action and word of their being recorded. In this limelight often people surrounding them are taken under highlight too. This is the case with the couple of two leading actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard who took their relationship to the court. 

With this kind of attention, this celebrity case; attracted many countries all around the world including the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. And so the two legal teams representing the two actors came under the eyes of the audience who got either praised or criticized. 

This high-profile case was of domestic violence that was filed against Johnny Depp by Amber Heard. While Johnny imposed charges of 50 million dollars for defamation.

During the case, the lawyer who was on the legal team representing Amber Heard got heavily criticized due to the cross-examination that he did of the defendant. This has rather gained him negative fame and has left a stain on his career. 

We will discuss Ben Rottenborn, an experienced attorney, and guide you through factual information and Rottenborn Lawyer Reviews.

More about Rottenborn lawyer!

Benjamin Rottenborn is a civil law expert currently working under a legal firm known as Wood Rogers. Graduated with the highest distinction from the University of Virginia; Ben Rottenborn got his law degree from the Stanford school of law.

He has expertise in dealing with cases of litigation, criminal defense, white-collar crimes, etc. Over the years Rottenborn got many complex cases with matters of work disputes, resolving cases of property rights, cases of big business contracts like mergers, and defamation as well. The fees of Rottenborn are not fixed and vary from case to case. 

Ben Rottenborn was given the title of Rising Star by Super Lawyers Virginia which sums up his growth of career. Wood Rogers provides free consultations to all their clients and so Rottenborn too has given many to his clients. It was reported that the Amber Heard case is his most high-profile case yet which is why it left such a big impact on his whole career. 

Ben Rottenborn’s reviews give a good explanation of why he has gotten so much criticism and what exactly fell short on his part that led to so much hate. 

Good Reviews!

After gaining so much attention from this high-profile case Rottenborn’s lawyer reviews kept coming under a very negative light. Some people sympathized with the legal team of Amber Heard saying that they were getting hate only because of the person they were representing.

 As one consumer review was written in favor of him:

“Mr. Rottenborn fights hard for his clients in the face of difficult odds and is armed with a vast knowledge of the law. The case he has recently defended in Virginia illustrates his courage, determination, tenacity, and wisdom in contrast to the female lawyer. If I were in a spiraling crisis, I would hire him. A good lawyer such as his would consider you for a trial.”

While one Rottenborn Lawyer Review defended him highlighting his experience of previous cases and how he was being judged entirely over just one case. As he writes:

“Rottenborn, even though he made me mad during the game, he was also the most effective on the A-side. Without him, they would have fallen hard. I’m not sure why he decided to take on the case, but he must have had a motive. 

It’s not fair to him because it was his duty to defend his victim, and in this case, the client was a crazed, mentally ill woman who created ridiculous tales to earn money and lead a lifestyle. Rottenborn was the best on her team. 

The rest of the group was a disaster. I wish you a speedy recovery from the abyss of Rottenborn. Perhaps change your name so you’ll never get to hear the end of the story If you know the meaning.”

More about Rottenborn reviews!

rottenborn reviews


This was only one side of the story that got him five-star reviews but unfortunately, this was not the case overall because the company got a lot of one-star reviews that created a bad image. 

These were because of the legal team’s poor efficiency in the case and the way they dealt with the whole situation with their lack of research for their clients and offensive ending statements portraying their lack of efforts to represent their client’s statements 

One such Rottenborn Lawyer Review is that which portrays all the traits of the lawyer as his non-serious attitude and his unprofessional way of work. As the person writes:

“Interrupted the answer to his question with an objection. Doesn’t know his stuff. Interrupts people on stand stating that the court’s time is valuable and whines about wasting time, but takes ages to find a document and has no problem wasting it himself. Don’t bother, find someone more reputable and who knows their stuff.”

Not only that but one Rottenborn review includes their own experience with the lawyer that formed a fairly bad perception of him due to his inefficiency that lost him their case. 

“Ben Rottenborn delayed my case for months by continually losing important documents and evidence relating to my case. I found him to be ineffective at defending myself and lost my case in the end. Very disorganized and unprofessional!”

Final views

The above-mentioned Rottenborn Lawyer Reviews are all proof of his inefficiency and unprofessional way of work. He gained a ton of criticism through his Amber Heard case which has left a big impact on his career that will in one way or another affect his relationship with his future clients. 

All this negative attention and bad publicity that the firm got because of the Amber Heard case not only put the legal team that represented Amber including Ben Rottenborn into a bad spotlight but also other lawyers that work in the company. 

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