PRT Full Form – What Does It Mean In Teaching?

A teacher is termed as the second set of parents of the student. They play a vital role in our development from the start when we are children to the day we graduate. Education is an extremely important aspect of one’s life & the most useful profession is of the teachers.

The reason for the usefulness of a teacher is that he/she is the reason a person can become a pilot, engineer, doctor, etc. They develop the foundation for the students which they can use as a launchpad to excel in their future lives.

There are different qualifications to be a teacher, today we are going to talk about PRT. We will learn in detail about the PRT full form & how it is related to teaching.

The PRT Full Form & Its Meaning

The PRT Full Form & Its Meaning


Teachers are referred with many credentials & initials from which they are known as. They get these identities by qualifying & completing various programs & sessions related to teaching. The PRT teacher full form is Primary Teacher. 

There are even more types of teachers such as TGT, & PGT. We will explore all these 3 types in very much detail in the below sections. 

PRT in Detail

A primary teacher is also known as an elementary teacher who teaches in school most probably. They usually teach from class 1 to class 5 in a school or an institute. PRTs can be employed in both government schools & private schools. This concept of PRT is widely known in many countries such as India, Pakistan, & many other countries.

There are certain set qualification criteria for people who want to apply for PRT in any school or institutes. For a person to qualify as a PRT he/she should have a Diploma in Elementary Education (D.E.I.ED).

The good thing about this course is that people can pursue it part-time or also study it full time which totally depends on them. The course spans over the time of 2 years that is divided into 4 semesters which is most likely universal for mostly all countries. There are many reputed colleges & universities in India which can offer you a Diploma in Elementary Education.

There are certain requirements as well for a PRT which one should consider before applying for it. One primary requirement is that the teacher should have the ability to handle all the subjects which are taught in a grade.

As most primary classes have a class teacher who knows about everything, PRT should be aware of all the subjects to better assist students. The maximum age limit for PRT studies is 30 years.

Apart from this, the teacher who applies for PRT should be proficient in English as well as Hindi when considering applying in India. For Pakistan, the teacher should speak fluent Urdu. Similarly, the teacher is required to pass in 10+2 grades or have at least 50% marks in aggregate for successful admission as a PRT.

Below is a list of some subjects for PRT. 

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social science
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

TGT in Detail

As similar to the PRT full form, TGT stands for Trained Graduate Teacher. These teachers are eligible for teaching up to class 10. For doing so they must first qualify with a B.ED which is a 2-year course that we discussed earlier. There is the requirement of an entrance exam before you apply for a bachelor’s degree.

A TGT is expected to be consist of different skills related to study-related aspects & even general aspects to ensure they are perfect for teaching the students.

The teacher should have the ability to focus clearly on each student regarding its study material. The maximum age limit for TGT teachers should be 35 years & an “A” grade is required from known education boards or institutions. 

Below is the list of subjects that a TGT teacher is expected to teach.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Science
  • History
  • Local language
  • Geography.
  • PGT

PGT in Detail

PGT is known as a Post Graduate Teacher & is above the levels of PRT & TGT. A PGT has the option to teach classes up to the 12th standard. For it, the candidate has to provide a Post Graduate Degree before taking a B.ED course.

A PGT has to have a master’s degree from a renowned university with at least 50% aggregate marks in order to qualify as a PGT. The course requires the candidate to be proficient & very fluent in English as well as a local language where he teaches, such as Hindi for India. 

A Few Last Words

That’s all about the PRT full form. We hope you learned the different types of teachers which teach in a school & the methods of qualifying for one. Give your reviews regarding this article in the comment section.

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