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Super Gifts for Super Moms on Mothers day

A Mother is the one who has caressed you with love, nurtured you with tenderness, and raised you with grace. Her presence in your life may not be as obvious to you as it was when you were younger. But even if you live to be 90, you’ll be her little munchkin. This is the nature of every Mother on the planet. Let us make this Mother’s Day extra special for her, as we celebrate the motherhood of all mothers.

Here are a few gift ideas to consider as you prepare to make the big move of a special celebration for the life-giving source. We’ve mixed and matched both furnished and do-it-yourself gifts for your mother. Let us go on an adventure together, and plan a day full of giggles on the faces of the cutest beings around you. To be more specific, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for Indian mothers.

Cards of Greeting

Cards are an age-old gesture that is appropriate for any occasion, and one such inexpensive gift. You’ll come across a lot of quirky options that are oh-so-relatable for every Indian Mother while you’re out looking for the perfect card for you. And there’s no doubt that these low-cost Mothers Day gifts online would make your Queen blush.

Pillow for the Neck

However, if you choose a good neck pillow, it may be a little pricey. Your mother requires a neck pillow because she enjoys travelling from pilgrim to pilgrim with her gang. Since most of her trips are by bus and train, help her travel in a more relaxing manner by presenting her with a neck pillow. You can also pair the pillow with a cute eye mask for her to allow her to sleep soundly. If your mother is not a travel enthusiast, consider hand-printed cushion covers made from fabric colours and wooden blocks. Present this to your mother and allow her to unwind while she rests her head on your lovely work.


Every mother enjoys cooking delicious meals and spoiling her children, and we are confident that your Mother is no exception. And we guarantee it will be the best Mother’s Day gift for Indian moms, especially if you make it yourself. So, for this project, you’ll need some old clothes (preferably jeans, because of its thickness). Now, watch a YouTube tutorial to learn how to sew this basic apron (because it is tough to explain in written). Decorate the apron with acrylic paint, frills, and laces, or both. And if you think these are difficult tasks, go to any photo studio that prints t-shirts and have a wonderful picture of both of you imprinted on the apron. That’s it… you’re done!

Planters with Decorations

Mothers enjoy not only cooking but also being nurturers; they adore their garden as if it were their child. And every Indian mom in her adulthood was a hell of a creative person; she knows how to stitch, embroider, paint, she knows everything. Bring some creative planters, paints, and brushes home for Mother’s Day (use the ones you already have). Now, sit down with your mother in the garden (or balcony/ verandah/ gallery) and begin working your magic with her. She may have matured, but we guarantee that the giggles and stories she will share during this enjoyable activity will be worth far more than any expensive gift.

Board of Directors

Every Mother is an accomplished cook, and with each passing day, she has honed the art of chopping. But every time you walk into the kitchen, it’s a different mess. As a result, this chopping board is indirectly for you. Get her a chopping board from any kitchenware store, or have one custom-made by a furniture store near you. You can also use herbal acrylic colours to write a quote on the board if you want. Another way to customise this chopping board is to glue a few wooden paper clips to it, attach a string to it, and clip a picture of your mother to it.

These are some of our top picks for the love of your life to help you greet her on a budget. 

Though the market is brimming with Mothers Day flowers online, cakes, and other goodies, choose a gift for her that is handmade and expresses your undying love for her. Rest assured, all of these Mother’s Day gifts for Indian mom are appropriate for any type of mother.

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