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Most Common Refrigerator Problems

For the majority of users, the refrigerator is one of their most essential and frequently used home appliances, so when it runs into any problem, it is annoying yet crucial that the issue gets fixed quickly.

Here is a list of the most common refrigerators problems that you can encounter and their solution:

1. Common Refrigerator Problems #1: Water Leaks

The most typical problem users encounter with their refrigerator is when there is water leakage. If water leaks from the fridge onto the floor, this could pose a risk to the people nearby as they can slip on it and injure themselves. Fortunately, fixing a leaky Haier refrigerator or any other branded fridge is fairly simple as it usually happens mostly due to two primary reasons.

The first primary cause of water leakage is the blockage of the defrost drain.  To resolve this issue, the only thing you have to do is remove the blockage by pouring hot water into it and, after that, use a wire to clean it further. If the drain is still blocked, you’ll have to pull the refrigerator away from the wall, unplug the hose and clean the rubber valve properly.

The second common reason for a water leak is a damaged line for water distribution. Just shut off the water supply and inspect the water pipeline for any leaks to fix this issue. If you identify any leaks, the water line needs to be replaced or repaired.

2. Common Refrigerator Problems #2: The Freezer Isn’t Functioning Properly

The other primary issue users encounter with their Haier refrigerator, or any other branded fridge model, is when the freezer compartment stops functioning correctly due to its inability to achieve the required temperature to keep the food frozen. To resolve this issue, it is important to first ensure whether the rear wall of the freezer is cold enough and then try to observe if you can hear the evaporator fan operating. 

If the fan is not working, then it must be replaced or repaired. On the other hand, if the evaporator fan is working fine, you should check the condenser coils on the rear side of your refrigerator to find out if there are any dust deposits. If they’re dirty, you need to clean the coils because dirty coils will refrain your refrigerator from working properly, and the entire system will end up working overtime to maintain the correct temperatures for the fridge and freezer section.

3. Common Refrigerator Problems #3: The Refrigerator is Not Turning Off

We refer here to the scenario when the fridge is always running on a loop. Most of the time, the fans turn ON occasionally throughout the day to keep your Haier refrigerator cool. On the other hand, if your fridge is constantly working, it’s not just noisy and irritating, which can be a hassle to deal with, but your electric bill is going to be more expensive than it needs to be.

The most effective place to begin with to resolve this issue is to examine the condenser coils and see whether they’re filthy or covered with dust. If they’re dirty, your refrigerator will keep working for a longer time to achieve the desired cooling temperature. Once you confirm that the coils are dirty, get rid of the dirt with the help of a brush or a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning them, cross-check to find out if the issue has been rectified.

If the condenser unit is not the reason for this situation, the next thing to examine is your refrigerator temperature settings. You should set the temperature of your refrigerator to approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is more than that, you should change the temperature setting and check whether this fixes the issue.

Finally, you need to check the gaskets and rubber seals on your door to make sure that your refrigerator door closes tightly. If the gasket or any seal is loose or damaged, you need to replace them.

4. Common Refrigerator Problems #4: Ice deposits on the floor of the Freezer

If the freezer has significant ice build-ups on its floor, the first thing to look at is the drainpipe for defrosting.

If it’s still clogged, then pull the refrigerator away from the wall, unplug the hose, then try cleaning out the rubber valve within the hose.

To get rid of the ice, you will need to defrost your freezer by manually emptying it. Then allow it to completely defrost before turning the refrigerator ON. Perform this step at least once a year to stop this problem from occurring.

Whether you are using a Samsung or Haier refrigerator or any other branded fridge model, sooner or later, you will encounter such problems; we are positive that this article will come in handy while trying to solve those issues.

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