Miesha Iyer (Bigg Boss 15): Parents, Age, Height, & More!

Miesha Iyer is an Indian-based model as well as television actress who is widely recognized for her appearance in various MTV shows, such as Ace of Space and Splitsvilla. As far as the birth details of Miesha Iyer are involved, we should tell you that she was born in the Mumbai region of India on the 5th of April, 1994.  

Mary Immaculate Girls High School is the place where Miesha Iyer completed her high school education. This educational institution is also situated in the Mumbai region of India at the current moment. 

That being said, we should also tell you that Miesha Iyer got admitted to Amity university situated in the Mumbai region of India once she passed the exams of class 12th. Keep on reading with us if you wish to learn more about the life of Miesha Iyer parents in detail! 

Comprehending the Professional Life and Career of Maisha Bigg Boss 

Once Miesha Iyer got hold of her graduation degree, she made up her mind to give initiation to her career and professional life. That being said, we should tell you that Miesha Iyer started getting opportunities to work with some top fashion designers in the fashion industry just after she got her bachelor’s degree.  

Once she joined the fashion sector, Miesha Iyer received a lot of support and appreciation from the general public. This is why she decided to proceed with her career and professional life as an evolving model. After gaining a lot of fame in the modeling sector, Miesha Iyer took another crucial step and decided to join the Indian film sector as well.  

While talking about the modeling career of Miesha Iyer, we should also enlighten you with the fact that this young lady has participated in a significant number of beauty pageant competitions throughout her modeling career. In the year 2018, Miesha Iyer got enrolled for the first time in a TV series known by the name ‘Ace of Space.’ Furthermore, you should also know that she participated in ‘Splitsvilla’ in the year 2020. 

Some Crucial Details About Maisha Bigg Boss  

While talking about the life of Miesha Iyer, some people might also be looking for the answer to this question, what is the main reason behind the fame of Miesha Iyer? Well, if we answer you correctly, we can say that the actual rise in the popularity of Miesha Iyer began when she decided to get enrolled for the 15th season of the Bigg Boss show.  

This live show was featured on an Indian-based TV channel called colors. So, there is no denying the fact that social media plays a significant role in enhancing the popularity of an individual, provided that the individual has the required talent. Don’t you think so? 

What Are the Physical Measurements and Body Stats of Miesha Iyer

In the year 2022, the exact age of Miesha Iyer should be somewhere around 28 years. There is no denying the actuality that Miesha Iyer possesses remarkable looks. That being said, it is of no surprise why she has such a significant number of followers and fans on her social media handles and accounts.  

Furthermore, you should also note that Miesha Iyer prefers to like an active and fit lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, she exercises on a regular basis in order to keep her body healthy and fit at all times. Miesha Iyer makes sure to consume fresh vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. This way, she makes sure that her body weight is maintained. She also goes to the gym on a regular basis.  

While talking about the physical stats of Miesha Iyer, we should also enlighten you with the fact that she stands at an ideal height of 5 feet and 6 inches. This indicates that Miesha Iyer is around 168 cm tall. Now, let us also tell you about the exact body weight of Miesha Iyer, which is 54 kilograms. 34-26-34 is the exact body measurement of Miesha Iyer. Brown is the color of the hair as well as the eyes of Miesha Iyer. These features indeed make her look attractive physically.  

The Bottom Line  

Miesha Iyer is one of the many renowned models and Indian-based actresses of the current era. The main reason why she is so famous is that she participated in the 15th Season of Bigg Boss as an upstanding contestant.  While talking about the Miesha Iyer parents, you should know that their names have not been exposed so far. However, the father of Miesha Iyer is a businessman, while her mother works in the fashion sector.

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