Metro By T-Mobile Cell Phone Plan Overview

What Is Metro by T-Mobile? 

Formerly MetroPCS, Metro by T-Mobile launched its service in 2002 and expanded across theU.S. In 2013, T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS. At the time of purchase, T-Mobile had 32 million subscribers and absorbed MetroPCS’nine million subscribers in the junction. Since that period, Metro T-Mobile has handed guests affordable repaid plans that include content on the T-Mobile network. While Metro by T-Mobile’s plans didn’t rank in our Stylish Cell Phone Plans of 2022, the carrier has appeared in our conditions in history, and we’ve streamlined this companion to reflect the most current information. 

How To Upgrade Your Cell Phone Plan 

Metro by T-Mobile allows you to change your phone plan through one of three styles by visiting an original Metro store, telephoning * 611 on your phone, calling 1-888-8METRO8 (863-8768), or visiting your online account. 

For device upgrades, guests are eligible every 180 days for any elevations or rebates offered to new guests. Any upgrades within this 180 day period will bear the subscriber to pay the full retail price for the device. To get more information about these topics, visit Online Demand Reports

How Important Do Metro by T-Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Cost? 

All of Metro By T-Mobile’s plans are “ reimbursed,” meaning you pay for service in advance. Plans start at$ 30 per month for unlimited calling and texting with 2 GB of data and go, up to$ 60 per month for the Unlimited Plus plan for a single line. 

Unlimited calling and texting are included in all plans. 2 GB of data is available for$ 30 per month, while 10 GB of yearly data is available for$ 40 yearly, and data used for streaming select music services don’t count towards your yearly data allotment. 

The$ 50 Unlimited plan adds in 5 GB of mobile hotspot data, and offers a free 100 GB Google One Account, while the$ 60 Unlimited Plus plan offers 10 GB of fresh mobile hotspot data and adds in a free Amazon Prime subscription. 

Metro by T-Mobile Setup Freights 

Metro by T-Mobile requires guests to pay a$ 20 activation figure per line. There’s also a fresh cost of over to$ 30 per line to add a line to a cell phone plan, depending on the promotion. However, you can buy one on its website for$ 10, If you don’t have a Metro T-Mobile SIM card. 

Metro PCS by T-Mobile Optional Features 

Metro by T-Mobile offers a variety of voluntary features which range in price from free, up to$ 20 per month. Outside of the Metro by T-Mobile’s most precious plan which includes an Amazon Prime class, no options for popular streaming services are featured. 

Google One 

Because of the Google One class included in the Unlimited (5 GB hotspot) plan, each person with a compatible Android device will admit 100 GB of pall storehouse within Google Workspace at no added cost. Subscribers can conclude to double their Google One storehouse for a fresh$ 1 per month, or$ 8 per month for 2 TB of the storehouse. 

Shared Calling 

Metro by T-Mobile’s unlimited plans only supports calling between two people. Conference calls as well as calls to converse lines aren’t always supported but can be added on. Depending on the twinkles demanded, guests can add on 300 twinkles of participants calling for$ 3 per month or twinkles of participants calling for$ 10 per month. Select Shared Calling service provides a pail of twinkles for certain figures. They are outside of Metro by T-Mobile’s plans, like converse lines. 

International Services 

Guests will get unlimited calling to and from Canada with over 5 GB of data roving included for$ 5 per month. This point includes unlimited textbooks while in Canada, as well as transnational texting to countries around the world. 

Analogous to Canada, guests can conclude in for unlimited calling to and from Mexico for$ 5 per month. The Mexico Unlimited service features unlimited data, with over 5 GB of high-speed data. This point also includes unlimited textbooks while in Mexico as well as transnational texting to other countries. 

Guests can connect with their loved ones abroad in over 140 countries using Metro by T-Mobile’s Global. Voice calling services for$ 10 per month. Unlimited texting is also available for select countries. However, guests can double their Global Voice talk time for$ 20 per month, If the distributed twinkles aren’t enough. 

Metro by T-Mobile FAQ 

How Do You Get Metro by T-Mobile Cell Phone Service? 

  • Unlike numerous repaid cell phone service providers, Metro by T-Mobile has storefronts around the country. 
  • To subscribe to a cell phone plan, guests can find a near position using the store locator and plan an in-person visit. 
  • An Online Activation Tool is available for guests looking to bring their being phone to a Metro by T-Mobile plan. 
  • After copping a SIM card, guests can select a plan that works stylish for them and spark their plan online. 
  • Metro by T-Mobile’s client service representatives can also help walk you through the process and can be reached at 1-888-8metro8. 

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