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Earth is home to a variety of creatures. We aren’t the only living things on this planet. Animals make up a vast majority of living organisms that are living on this planet.

Sadly, humans misuse their powers by inflicting harm to animals for various purposes. Animals are also abused in science labs for experiments.

Did you know that one animal is abused every single minute? Over 10 million animals are abused to death in the United States annually.

Lab testing uses almost 115 million animals annually for experiments. Furthermore, animals are also abused for fun and the enjoyment of some people. It’s very sad to know that life is misused for the sole reason of enjoyment.

Most humans believe that animals don’t have feelings and they cannot feel pain when they are harmed or tortured. However, this is completely false. Animals are living creatures who have feelings just like we do and also feel the pain inflicted on them just like us.

Certain animal cruelty sports are played globally. Some of these games are dogfighting, fishing, hunting, and most importantly, cockfighting.

MBC2030 is a similar platform that hosts cockfighting games that are played on a global level. The website also hosts live matches and encourages people to bet money on the roosters who are fighting against each other.

In this article, we will talk in detail about MBC2030 Live and all the necessary components of this tournament.

What Is MBC2030 All about?

mbc2030 live


MBC2030 is a cockfighting tournament platform where numerous contestants take part and make some money by competing. The competition originates from the Philippines where it is a popular sport.

Even though this sport promotes animal cruelty, the Philippine government openly allows these tournaments and directly supports them through their sports body known as PAGCOR. The majority of the Philippines revenue is made through these competitions.

Let’s briefly discuss the process of playing in these tournaments. Firstly, you have to ensure that you are registered on the MBC2030 portal. We will look at the registration process below.

After you register, you will be able to track the events that are scheduled and ongoing. To take part in any event you will be required to enroll by clicking on the event through the website. There are 2 ways to play in this tournament.

If you want to bring a rooster and compete against other contestants, you have to enroll your rooster in the fight. Some certain laws and guidelines need to be fulfilled before your rooster is registered.

Also, people mostly bring special breeds of roosters that are specially trained for attacking and self-defense. These animals are fed special feed which boosts their physical abilities and sharpness.

Once your rooster is enrolled, you can take part in the tournament. After winning the tournament, you will receive prizes and awards.

Another way to take part in this competition is by wagering money on the rooster. If you don’t wish to bring a rooster with you, you can easily bet money on the rooster that you think will win. Multiple contestants put money on the rooster they think will win. A prize pool develops and the winning people get the prize pool distributed against themselves.

This competition is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, innocent creatures are forced to fight against each other, and also gambling is being done which is another unethical practice.

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MBC2030 Live Website Information

When you type in the website name, you will be directly redirected to the WPC2026 website. This website is the older version of the online Sabong game.

The website caters to 319 daily unique daily visitors and their 765 page views in total. Each visitor of the website makes around 2.57 page views on average.

The net worth of MBC2030 is 6,249 US dollars. The website is ranked on 28,264th spot by Alexa’s traffic estimate and is viewed mostly from Pakistan.

The website is being hosted by Cloud Fare Net, which is a US-based server. The website has a valid SSL certificate which will expire on May 23, 2022. The website is considered a safe place to visit according to Web Rate.

The overall global rank of the website is 939,970.

Login Procedure For MBC2030

For logging in, firstly you need to open the website. Make sure you have a secure internet connection. Open any web browser and type in MBC2030 in Google or the URL field.

After the page opens, you will find a login page in front of you. Enter your username and password to successfully log in.

If you are unable to log in, try using the forget password option where the password will be emailed to the respective email ID that you’re provided at the time of the registration.

If you don’t already have an account, you will be required to contact the MBC2030 team as they do not provide online registration anymore. You can contact their representatives through WhatsApp or Viber.

After contacting them they will tell you to register on the platform through an agent that you already know. This is done to reduce scam entries of people who don’t actually want to take part in the tournament and just register themselves.

Is MBC2030 A Safe And Legal Platform

Cockfighting tournaments are legal in the Philippines and many other countries. However, countries like Australia, Canada, and many more do not allow their residents to take part in such tournaments. If they take part in the competition and get caught, they are liable to pay the government fine.

Also, these tournaments should be banned for good as they directly promote animal abuse. The roosters who take part in this tournament get severely injured and eventually die for entertainment.

A Few Final Words

Global Blogging does not endorse participation in such immoral tournaments and believes that animals should be treated fairly.

Feel free to express your views regarding these platforms and whether these games should be banned or not.

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