Mallumv 2022: Free Download Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu Movies

There are many websites available on the internet that provides movies, Tv shows and web series for free to download. These websites are like a treasure box for every movie fan. Mostly, such websites are involved in obtaining their content illegally and promoting their website through piracy.

Still, these types of websites are very popular in India. There is a huge range of pirated websites from India that offers to download free visual content to its users. These websites receive a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis from India and other neighbouring countries.

Mallumv is a similar website that allows users to download free movies and enjoy watching them with their friends. Let’s discuss some main information about this website.

Mallumv For Movies and Web Series 

Mallumv For Movies and Web Series 

Source: Mallumv.cc

Mallumv is a very popular website in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other South-Asian countries. The main feature that makes this website popular is that Mallumv provides its users to download unlimited free movies and web series.

The website is regularly updated with new movies added daily. Users can download the latest movies and latest episodes of web series from this website. A variety of video qualities are available to download from this website, ranging from low-quality videos to HD quality videos. Users can choose whichever video quality to download according to their internet speed and device memory.

Mallumv com has a huge range of movies in all the categories like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Most of the videos and movies even come with the option of dubbed languages.

For example, if you want to watch a Hollywood movie in any native language from India, you can easily download and watch movies in that particular language. Available dubbed languages are Tamil, Hindi, English, Malayalam, Telugu and Punjabi.

Natives of the region prefer watching movies in their own language as most of the people do not understand English. So, using Mallumv pw, users can easily watch Hollywood movies and web series in their native language or in a language they prefer.

Mallumv Legal or Illegal?

Mallumv Legal or Illegal?

Source: Thenewsminute.com

Mallumv is an Indian torrent website that offers movie lovers to download free content from its website. Though all the contents available on Mallumv is illegally obtained. They promote and distribute these copyrighted contents for free. This is called piracy and is an illegal offence.

All the activities and services Mallumv is involved with are illegal hence the website is illegal and deals only in copyrighted pirated content. If you are willing to download any content from this website, be mindful that you are also breaking the law and promoting the act of piracy, which is a punishable act by law.

Using VPN for Mallumv 

Although Mallumv com is an illegal website involved in pirating copyrighted content, still many people want to download free content from this website. If that is the case with you, we advise you to use a VPN before entering the website.

Most of such websites like Mallumv are swarmed with pop-up ads and third-party advertisers, which are a potential threat to your privacy and information. The use of VPN will ensure that your data is secure and out of reach from data-stealing bots and other malware.

Using a VPN will provide you with a fake temporary IP address from another location, which you can easily use until your work on the website is finished.

Domains of Mallumv 

Many websites like Mallumv which are involved in illegal content sharing, are under constant surveillance from the authorities. Such website mostly gets banned from the internet for providing illegal content.

To avoid getting the website completely banned and out of work, the servers of these websites mostly work on multiple domains to avoid any disruption in their service. Currently, Mallumv is also banned and restricted, but don’t worry these variations of Mallumv are working just fine:

  • mallumv co
  • mallumv wap
  • mallumv pm
  • mallumv app
  • mallumv. In
  • mallumv pw
  • mallumv. Fun
  • mallumv site
  • mallumv. Pro
  • mallumv. us

Features of Mallumv 

  • The website is free to use
  • You can download and also online stream visual content from this website
  • Besides movies, you can also watch web series and Tv shows
  • Multiple quality settings of videos are available
  • Many domains are available for uninterrupted service
  • Movies in dubbed languages are easy to download
  • Available dubbed languages are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Punjabi and Malayalam
  • The website is updated regularly with new content added each day
  • The interface of the website is quite basic and easy to use
  • The search bar and serac result of Mallumv is very efficient



Source: Filmybyte.com

Mallumv com is an Indian torrent website that allows its users to download free movies and web series. The website works on a basic interface and is fairly easy to use and loved by movie lovers to download the latest content for free.

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