Madan Operational Youtuber Age, Spouse, Total assets, Family, And then some!

Madan op is a popular YouTuber and gamer from India. He is known for his gaming tricks and showcasing ways to win games on his self-titled channel.

He is also known for his PUBG gameplay videos.

According to reports, he earns around INR 6-7 Crores from his gaming videos. He also has a wife named Krithika who helps him to upload these videos on his YouTube account.

He is a YouTuber

Madan op is a YouTuber and is known for his PUBG gameplay videos. He has over 8 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He has a net worth of INR 6-7 Crores approximately. He owns two brand cars and a house in Chennai.

In this paragraph, we discuss madan op age, pubg madan net worth.In 2019, he launched a YouTube channel named Toxic Madan 18+ under which he uploaded his gaming tips and techniques on PUBG and Free Fire games. He earned a lot of money from his channel.madan op

On June 18th, he was arrested by the Cyber Crime Wing of the Central Crime Branch. He has been accused of talking obscenely to under-18 boys and girls through online games and extorting money from them.

He has a wife named Kiruthika and the couple has an eight-month-old daughter. They have been booked under different sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Information Technology Act, and the Representation of Women Act.

He has a net worth of INR 6-7 Crores

Madan OP is a popular YouTuber, streamer, and vlogger from India. He is known for his skills in playing games like “free fire” and “Pubg”.

He started live-streaming gaming on Youtube in March 2019. His channel has more than 7 lakh subscribers as of June 2021.

His net worth is estimated to be INR 6-7 Crores roughly. He is a popular tuber and earns a decent amount from his career.

He is a well-recognized gamer and youtube star who has earned a decent amount from his video streaming and YouTube channel. His wife Kiruthika revealed that they have INR 4 Crores in their bank accounts and also own a brand new ‘Audi car.

He has a wife named Krithika

Krithika is the wife of a well-known YouTuber called Madan, who was arrested by a special team of police at Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu weeks ago. He was accused of degrading women through his youtube videos by using obscene language.

In this paragraph, we discuss madan op age, pubg madan net worth.She also helped him in uploading videos on his channels, which received a huge amount of viewership. They were able to earn crores of rupees by uploading such obscene content.

According to the reports, she often pretended as a stranger and chatted with him on live to attract more children. However, she denied the accusations in a recent press meeting.

During the investigation, it was found that Madan used virtual private networks to access PUBG on his laptop and mobile devices. He also spent 20 hours a day playing games on his devices to earn money.

He has been arrested

Madan OP, who is known for live-streaming PUBG and has several female followers on YouTube, was arrested in Dharmapuri. He had allegedly used foul language and abused women in his videos.

The police had been searching for him for several days, and a special unit was assigned to catch him. After several complaints, they sent letters to YouTube and Instagram authorities, asking them to block his channel and account.

However, they did not get any response from them.

This is because Madan OP has been earning money through his gaming videos with obscene language. He has also bought luxury cars and has a net worth of INR 6-7 Crores approximately.

He has a wife named Krithika who is helping him in uploading the videos. She also gets money from the subscribers of the video channel.

A well-known YouTuber is a video blogger who has made a significant impact on the online community. Their content may range from comedy sketches to educational tutorials, or anything else that is popular on the platform. Often they are paid to post their videos, but many are also self-funded or have small businesses.

These YouTubers are the most famous people on the site, and they have amassed millions of subscribers. Some of them have even earned billions in revenue from their content.

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Gabbie Grace is a British-American vlogger and comedian who started her career on Vine. She quickly moved over to YouTube and now has a large following on both platforms. Her vlogs and singing videos have garnered her millions of subscribers.

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Vlad Glebov

Like Nastya is a popular Russian-Ukrainian YouTube channel that revolves around eight-year-old Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya and her brother Roma. Their vlogging, singing, and role-playing videos have gained them a global audience of millions.

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