MacBook Screen Goes Black & Unresponsive? How to Fix it

How to Fix MacBook Screen Goes Black & Unresponsive

Only Windows computers are not prone to BSOD (black screen of death) issue, as you might experience it on a MacBook as well. However, the issue is not very common, but still, a lot of users report experiencing it every now and then.

Do you also get the MacBook screen black and unresponsive? Well, don’t worry, there are some possible hacks you can try to get fixed quickly. In this article, we have listed six ways to fix the MacBook black screen issue. 

MacBook Screen Goes Black & Unresponsive

Check the Power 

If the MacBook was getting charged before, and suddenly the screen got black and unresponsive, it may be due to the MacBook charger getting yanked accidentally. Or the charging cable has some cracks. Also, you should check the battery cycles to figure out if it needs any replacements.

Open the Apple Menu from the top left corner of your MacBook and then click on About this Mac, then click on System Report and pick Power once the menu options appear on the right-hand side.

Now click on Cycle Count, and if the Mac shows the battery condition as poor, consider getting it replaced by a reliable MacBook battery replacement company in Pune.

Restart the Mac 

If the battery is healthy and there are still a lot of cycle counts left, restarting the Mac may help. Don’t wait and quickly restart the machine. As the screen is unresponsive, you can press CTRL + EJECT to get to a dialog box, click on Enter even if you do not see anything on the screen. Now press the power button again to restart the PC.

The easiest way to restart a MacBook is by pressing the power button for 5 seconds. Now, wait for at least 15 seconds, and the device will reboot automatically. After the device restarts successfully, the issue will be corrected, and you can use the MacBook.

Boot Into Safe Mode 

Another reason for the black screen issue could be the startup disk. You can easily fix this problem by booting the laptop into safe mode. Below, we have listed some quick ways to get your MacBook into Safe Mode and check the start-up disk.

  • Turn off the MacBook
  • Hold the Shift key and now power it on until you see the Apple Logo on the screen. 
  • Release the key after the logo appears, and your PC will automatically get into safe mode.

Restart the laptop once it boots up completely, and you can get rid of the issue.

Reset the System Management Controller 

A system management controller reset is another popular solution that will help you fix the black and unresponsive screen issue. Moreover, this reset method can help fix some other issues as well. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the SMC quickly:

  • Shut down the MacBook 
  • Connect it to a power source 
  • Press a combination of Shift, Option, Control, and now press the Power Button for around 10 seconds. 
  • Release the keys, and restart the MacBook 
  • The SMC will reset automatically, and the laptop will turn on.

Look for App Bugs or Issues 

There are plenty of apps that can create issues and lead to black or unresponsive screen. However, it can be pretty tricky to find out which app is causing the issue, so you can use tools like CleanMyMac

It’s an extension that will quickly tell you about the apps that have bugs and are creating issues on your MacBook. Remove these apps ASAP, and you can use the laptop without any lags.

Or you can go to the Apple Community to know about the buggy apps, as MacBook users often discuss these things. 

See a Laptop Repair Technician

If the issue still persists, it would be great to get in touch with a reliable laptop repair technician in Pune. The technician will run a complete diagnostic on the machine and will help fix the issue.

Before giving the machine any repairs, you should take a backup of the data. Or ask the technician to take a backup for you in case you are not able to operate the laptop due to the black screen issue.

Final Thoughts

These are the six easiest ways you can follow to fix the black screen issue on your MacBook. Make sure to backup all the data before performing any of these methods so as to be sure you don’t lose anything.

Lastly, getting the MacBook checked by a trusted technician is the best way if the issue still persists and you face it frequently. 

At Dr. PC Center, we are a reliable MacBook repair service center in Pune that can fix any MacBook-related issue at affordable rates. 

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