Lord of the Rings birthday games: Fun ideas

Lord of the Rings birthday games: Fun ideas

As Professor Tolkien wrote in THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Hobbits love to party. They appreciate any excuse to get together, play games, and eat. If you also like to organize parties, especially birthday parties for your children, here is a list of Lord of the Rings birthday games. Also Read: Drawing For Kids Easy

Lord of the Rings birthday games

Who is this character

This Lord of the Rings-themed game is ideal for children aged 9 and up (and adults) familiar with Tolkien’s universe; it’s also an excellent icebreaker to start a Hobbit-themed party. Print the “Lord of the Rings Characters” page” and cut out the labels. Stick a name on the back of each participant without letting them see the name on it.

Once all the players have names on their backs, they can turn around and show the name to the other players and ask questions whose answers can only be “yes” or “no”, which will help them guess their names.

Here are some sample questions

“Am I an elf? And “Do I have a weapon?” “. Once players have guessed their character, they can move the tag to the front of their shirt to show they guessed correctly. They can continue playing and answer questions from other players.

The Desolation of Smaug

Find a dragon-shaped pinata, fill it with “dragon treasure”, like chocolate coins, rings, etc. Give players their chance to blast Smaug with a stick or baseball bat!

Spider’s Web

Using strips of white crepe paper (or white yarn), create a “spider’s web” in an area of ​​your party space and hide a ring somewhere on the web. Give players foam swords to slice through the web and find the ring. To make this game even more fun. Turn off all the lights and give each guest a glow stick to guide their way. Variation: create a web and challenge the children to go through it!

Secret Treasure Hunt

This is one of the best Lord of the Rings games. This requires some preparation on the organizer, but it is terrific fun! Take a dozen objects: these can be unusual, or Lord of the Rings themed figurines such as Hobbits, dragons, orcs, and more. Hide all these objects in the play area.

They must be hidden in plain sight. Give players a list of items to find, and they must search all the items on their list. It’s part of a hunter’s job not to reveal where an object is. The first person to find all the items can choose from a stack of prizes.

Guess what’s in my pocket

Bilbo’s last “riddle” for Gollum was to guess what was in his pocket. You can create your version of this by choosing a group of objects everyone knows, hiding one in your pocket, and having players guess which one is hidden. You can also create paper “pockets” and fill them with mysterious objects. Guessers can reach into the pocket and try to guess what’s inside!

The Ring, The Ring, Who Has The Ring

Children sit or stand in a circle with the birthday child in the center, holding a ring between their palms. Everyone keeps their palms together above their heads while the ringmaster walks around the circle, patting each pair of hands with their own. Along the way, he secretly transfers the ring into someone’s hands.

When he has completely gone around the circle. He returns to the middle and says. ” The ring, who has the ring? Indicating someone to make the first guess. If the child guesses incorrectly, the child to their left takes over and tries to guess who has the ring. The child who guesses correctly takes the ring and becomes the master of the ring for the next round.

Spiders and Dwarfs

One or two children are selected to be the spiders based on a catching game. The rest of the children must cross the Black Forest without being hit.

Ring toss

If you have a bowling alley at home (or use bottles), you can easily have a ring toss tournament were kids each attempt to throw three rings at the pins (or bottles) ).

Capture the ring

If you already know the game Capture the Flag, you can replace the flag with a ring!


If you have the equipment, you can organize an archery competition with the children. Draw a dragon on a large sheet of paper and make it the target. Please note: always be vigilant when organizing this activity with children!

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