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Cancel Avast Subscription. The Avast Antivirus product is the best when it comes to protecting your computer from viruses and other malware. You may need to cancel your Avast subscription to get another antivirus program.

How do I stop Avast auto-renewal and cancel my Avast subscription? These are the steps that will help you get started. It may be uncomfortable for them to see the amount of payment taken from their a/c. Contact Customer Support immediately. There, you will be assisted by trained staff who will explain how to cancel your service. You can also attempt it yourself. cancel avast subscription It is important to read it carefully and follow the steps.

How can I cancel the free trial of avast?

There are several options available to cancel your Avast subscription. You can also choose to uninstall the software completely from your system.

You can disable the automatic renewal of your account

Sign in to your Avast Account and cancel Avast auto-renew. It is easy and simple to follow the steps.

  1. Log in to your Avast Account on the Avast Website
  2. Navigate to the Licences section, and click on the license to which you are currently subscribed.
  3. Make sure that you have signed in to your email account on which the license has been taken.
  4. Find the option Cancel Automatic-Renewal, and click it to activate
  5. You will need to confirm that you have made the right choice
  6. In the confirmation dialog, click on the option to deactivate the auto-renewal subscription option

That’s it. You should receive an email confirmation almost immediately.

Disable Auto-Renewal in Digital River

The method will work with Digital River Avast. If you purchased your Avast subscription via Digital River, you can opt to use it.

The steps are listed below

  1. Visit the Digital River website at the following address.
  2. Sign in by entering your order number, password, and email address
  3. Click on Get Order
  4. Click on Manage Subscription
  5. Select the option for Automated Renewals
  6. Change it from ON-OFF.
  7. You will see a message informing you whether or not to remove the subscription.
  8. Click on Disable Automatic Renewal and confirm your confirmation

How to Apply for Avast Refund Request

Avast customer services billing is responsible for accounting for the license payments. The customer service refund can be requested from Avast within 30 days of your renewal or 60 days for new users.

Avast Support can help you to disable your subscription

Send them an email to cancel your Avast membership. Contact support via email. Send the cancellation email from the same email address as you registered the account. You’ll need to wait for customer support to respond to your inquiry. avast turn off auto renewal These were some great options for canceling Avast’s subscription. If you need help canceling an Avast subscription from PC, You should be able to resolve your problem using the options provided above.

Avast Antivirus leads the charge when it comes to providing a good arrangement of security against viruses and other malware attacks on your computer. There might be situations where you need to cancel Avast and select a different antivirus plan. Avast cancel auto-renewal to cancel your Avast subscription.

This article should provide you with the information and tools to help you succeed in your endeavor. You can experience it by following the steps.

Can I cancel my Avast account?

There are several options to cancel an Avast subscription. avast cancel auto renew Check the Automatic Renewal of Your Record. This article will show you how to cancel your auto-renewal.

Avast auto-renew can be canceled by marking your Avast Account. These means are basic and straightforward.

  1. Log in to Avast and visit the Avast website.
  2. Navigate to the Licenses section and grab the permit you have purchased.
  3. To get results, find the Cancel Auto-Renewal alternative and choose it.
  4. You will need to confirm your decision.
  5. You can choose the Deactivate Autorenewal Subscription option in the affirmation discourse.
  6. It is that easy. It should take less than a second to receive confirmation via email.

How do you stop the Auto-Renewal from Digital River?

The strategy would attempt to use Digital River Avast. This is possible if you purchased your Avast subscription via Digital River. These steps will also assist in canceling avast renewal.

  1. Visit the Digital River site from this location.
  2. For sign in, enter your secret phrase and request number
  3. Tap on Find Order to confirm
  4. Snap-on Manage Subscription
  5. Seek out an alternative for Automatic Renewals
  6. You can change it from ON-OFF.
  7. You should receive a message in the spring confirming whether you have to cancel your subscription.
  8. Additionally, after the process is complete, you will need to tap on Disable Automatic Renewal

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