How to setup Linksys Router as Linksys WIFI extender

Follow some prior arrangements to set up your linksys velop router as an extender. Here are some of the most desired steps you have to perform while configuring your Linksys Smart WIFI router on extender Mode.

  1. You should use only one frequency band for repeating the signal and determine which frequency band you want to use. 
  2. Although, you can use both the frequency band to broadcast the WIFI signals to the rest of the wireless clients if the router you configure as an Extender has Dual-Band technology.
  3. To set the frequency bands on repeater mode, you need to do the setups by going into the Wireless settings. 
  4. If your host router is a single band router, configure your Linksys Smart WIFI router and choose one band. 
  5. In this system, you can use the frequency bands if one has a repeater mode, and the other will function as router Mode.
  6. By going on to the “Wireless Settings” and then on to the “Wireless Widget” you can configure both the frequency bands. 
  7. If you wish to change the Repeater Settings, visit the Connectivity>Internet Tab.
  8. Never use the WAN port in this setup process.
  9. Using the IP address of your Linksys wireless router, you can log into the web-based interface. And from here, you can set your router on extender mode. 
  10. The Security Encryptions” that you can use in this setup is as such, WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, WPA-Mixed-Personal, etc.
  11. Do not forget to obtain the wireless settings of the main router or the Access Point before gearing the setup process. 

Configuration of Linksys router as Linksys extender setup

  • Unlock a web browser from your computer or the mobile that you are using as a tool to configure your Linksys WIFI router as a Linksys WIFI extender.
  • After launching the browser, enter some of the essential resource Locator to get the web interface. These are or use 
  • If you change the default IP address ( of your router, you need to use that one here in this address bar of the browser.
  • Then click on “Connectivity”, then go and hit “Internet Settings”, now hit the option “Edit”, and select wireless settings as “Wireless Repeater” or “Set as Extender Mode”.
  • The disclosed window needs to input the access point of the host router’s network name or the SSID, Network Frequency Band, Security Mode, etc. 
  • Then, click OK to save the settings. And then click YES to continue. Once the Linksys Smart WIFI Router will turn a Wireless Repeater Mode. 
  • Verify the DHCP Table in your Main router access point. After that, you can get a new IP Address of your Linksys Smart WIFI router set on to WIFI Extender Mode. 
  • Log into the web-based interface of your router using the new IP address. 
  • You will also get a warning message on your screen that is set to Repeater Mode. To Access router Settings, use its IP address, and Click OK to continue.

Now your router has been configured on extender Mode.  

What are the features we use when Linksys router is on Extender Mode?

When your Wireless Router is on Repeater or Extender mode, you can access only a few tools supported under Repeater mode. These are;

  • Connectivity Feature-> using this tool, you can edit the wireless repeater settings under the Internet Settings tab.
  1. Troubleshooting-> using this tool, you can diagnose and troubleshoot various connectivity issues on your WIFI network.
  2. Wireless-> This tool allows you to broadcast both of the frequency bands and to customize the wireless settings on your router that has the Linksys WIFI Extender, Mode. To edit or modify your wireless settings of the radio, go to Connectivity>then to Internet Settings.

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