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Psychology is an interesting branch of science that explains why people act the way they do. It helps us better understand the complex human brain which is the most important organ in our body. Along with physical health, the emotional health of a person is also crucial. Most people do not take it seriously. However, psychology helps to cope with the most common problems which are depression, anxiety, and stress.

Psychologists have made generous contributions to our society through their services. With their help, we can understand ourselves better and make our lives very easier to live. Kamia Harris is one of the most successful psychologists the world has seen. She is considered one of the best Australian psychologists. Kamia has been working professionally as a psychologist since 2000.

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Kamia Harris is a registered psychologist since 2000. She has had the opportunity to work in many departments. She has worked in the department of defense, in private settings, in the Australian Psychological Society, Australian Centre for Post traumatic Mental Health, community health, disability, and hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Kamia Harris has extensive experience in counseling, assessment, critical incident response, organizational training, advisory, and research roles, and mental health intervention. She works as a Senior Registered Psychologist. The reason for her popularity is her interest in the field of psychology and helping human behavior. You can visit her website at


Kamia Harris is a highly qualified individual. She has completed her Master’s in Psychology specifically in Counselling Psychology from the La Trobe University of Melbourne, Australia. Kamia has done her Graduate Diploma in Educational Psychology from the Monash University of Melbourne, Australia.

Kamia Harris was a very dedicated student and has done extensive study in the field of psychology. She completed her Master of Clinical Psychology from the University of Melbourne. She has completed her Bachelor of Science from the same university. She studied religiously and her hard work made her career solid.

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Kamia Harris is a Senior Registered Psychologist who has done her BSc, Grad Dip Ed Psych, M Psych (Couns Psych), and MAPS. Her official website is She has experience and training in a wide range of therapies. These include cognitive behavioral therapies, motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, and also extensive training in mental health assessments and treatments.

She is a highly skilled psychologist who does the assessment and treatment of mental issues. These issues are common issues every individual faces in their lifespan. They include depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, and other issues. Kamia Harris has always shown her interest in working for several branches. She likes to work in neuroscience research and neuroplasticity, mindfulness-based techniques, and positive psychology.

Kamia Harris has been working since 2000, hence she has quite abundant experience working in different fields of psychology. She has particular experience working with issues related to work, career, adjustment, depression, stress, anxiety, and other critical issues. She also has experience in critical incident support, and psychological first aid in work, relationships, and military contexts. She is an active member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS). Kamia Harris usually works with clients aged above 18 years of age.


Kamia Harris works in Strategic Psychology, a company in the Mental Health sector. She has been recognized globally for her amazing work in the field of psychology. Her current projects are focused on doing assessments of the educational systems in third-world countries. Most of these countries are those which are located in Latin America and Africa. 

Kamia Harris is considered a role model for her colleagues and junior members. In every organization she works, she is considered a very jolly personality and highly cooperative. She has been working in many different departments as we mentioned above. 


Kamia Harris is one of the few individuals who have a mindset to give back to society. They come into this world for a reason and help the world in every possible way. Her contributions in the field of psychology are highly valued and respected by her patients, clients, and colleagues. With hard work and persistence, a person can achieve a lot in life. The same happened with Kamia Harris.

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