HughesNet Customer Service – Everything You Need to Know

If you live in a rural area, HughesNet is perhaps your best option. With a massive service coverage area, HughesNet has earned a solid reputation by providing satisfactory services. With competitive pricing, well-designed plans, and fast speeds, they have also managed to provide efficient customer services. Upon dialing the HughesNet customer service number, you will be greeted by a friendly representative. These reps are vigilant and try to address customer concerns readily

Whether you are trying to reach out to get tech support or report an internet outage, or you want a billing concern addressed, they will hear you out. Let’s enlighten you about the various ways, which you can use to get in touch with HughesNet.

Reach HughesNet via Their Website

HughesNet offers a very friendly website experience. Their website interface is simple and user-friendly. Based on your query or issue, you will instantly know what to do upon navigating the website. Below are their main categories, addressing almost every customer concern. HughesNet is also catering to all the preferred modes of contact.

Finding Account Information

In case you have a query about your account or the plan you have subscribed to, just click the Find Account Information tab. You will have to sign in with your credentials. Once you do, all the details of your current plan along with the billing schedules will be accessible to you.

If you don’t understand any part of it, you can always call their customer service number and speak to a rep about it.

Emailing Option

Not a phone person? No problem! HughesNet has got you covered. You can use the email option on the website. You can write to them about whatever query, concern, or issue you are facing. All you have to do is to navigate the official HughesNet website and go to the Email Us section.

From there, you will be directed to write your email. All emails received at HughesNet are answered within 24 hours. So, you won’t have to wait much.

Live Chat Option

Can’t wait for 24 hours? HughesNet is here for you! Leverage the Live Chat option on their website and tap Start Chat. They understand that they have to cater to the needs of all generational groupings in their customer base. Millennials and Gen Z don’t like waiting. They also don’t like old-school modes of communication such as emails or calls. They want instant replies!

Therefore, with good providers like HughesNet, you will generally get instant answers from their representatives through the live chat option. However, there’s only one limitation to this option. Their website states that it is currently only available for residential customers.

Calling Option

For customers who like straightforward solutions, calling is the best option. When it comes to customer services, customers generally prefer calling the providers and companies. Calling is by far the easiest, most convenient, and instant way of reaching out to customer service.

You can get in touch with HughesNet customer care and talk to one of their customer care representatives. They are approachable and generally quite skilled.  They will typically help you with whatever concern you have.

For smooth assistance, prep before you call them. The things that you will need before you call them are as follows:

  • HughesNet account number
  • The make/model of the router you are using (in case of any connectivity issues)
  • Your billing address

Want to Check Your Order Status

Have you recently ordered a new HughesNet connection? Or, have you requested to switch to a different speed tier? Or, make changes to your billing address? Whatever your order is, you can check its status conveniently on HughesNet’s official website.

Navigate the website and go to the section that says See My Order Status. In the Check Now tab, after providing a few details, you will be able to see the status of your order without having to take the pain of going somewhere or making a call and waiting for your turn.

Managing Your Account

HughesNet allows you to use their innovative Mobile App to manage your account through your phone. You don’t even have to open your laptop to manage your account. To know how to use this hassle-free mobile app, read all that you need to know on the official website in the Manage Your Account from Your Phone section.

Other Helpful Things

Sometimes other customers are also encountering the same issues or have the same queries as you have. HughesNet website has helpful blogs and FAQs for common queries and problems customers might face. So, instead of having to call or email, you can skim through them and get your answer.

Check the sections See Customer FAQs & Support Articles and See Questions & Answers from Customers. You can virtually visit the HughesNet community through these sections.

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