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Water Saving Tips

World Water Day: an opportunity to remember what we should always keep in mind, namely the preciousness of this asset, almost taken for granted in many cases. That is why it is precisely in this circumstance that it is good to remember once more what are the best practices for managing such an important resource without waste. Starting from the home environment.

Here the  real estate agency offers 5 tips to improve the consumption of water in our homes. It also offering a second and always valid consideration. Those who have a property to sell For  example, can aim for a sustainable renovation: a more “green” home offers an increase in the value of the property between 2% and 10%, higher rents (between 2% and 8%), and a halving of sales times. Here are some new water cooling techniques you should know.

1. The water bonus for sanitary ware and taps:

Old, a little rusty and – most important of all – easy to waste for small and large leaks: sanitary fittings and taps to be replaced. These are crucial for improving the consumption of water in the home: over 15% of domestic domestic water consumption, for example, it passes right through the taps.

Appliances with reduced discharge and water flow limitation are able to reduce waste by up to 30%. The Government is also encouraging the purchase of new generation sanitary ware and taps: while the platform to ask for the so-called Tap Bonus for expenses incurred in 2021 has been online for a few weeks.  For those of 2022 the contribution is confirmed but in the form of credit tax.

2. Beware of leaking pipes:

Sanitary facilities are one of the main sources of water use in homes, channeling almost 30% of internal water consumption. They are also a major source of water waste due to pipe leaks. These are often underestimated. Before replacing sanitary ware and mixers.  It is advisable to carry out good maintenance, to highlight and resolve any critical issues.

3. The home garden with “water-wise” plants:

Do not underestimate the importance of vegetation if you have a garden full of plants and greenery. A piece of advice that improves the environment. The portfolio is dedicated to the creation of a “water-wise” habitat, in which nothing is left to chance.

Plants, for example, should be chosen on the basis of their water needs.  It is preferable to opt for native varieties that require little water, even resistant to drought.

Alternatively, it is possible to organize the courtyard into a hydro zone, based on the water requirement, using a different irrigation program for each; you can replace perennial hedges with plants that ask for less water; again, you can do without lawn and choose mulch, gravel, or artificial grass.

4. Take advantage of rainwater:

Thousands of liters of rainwater fall on your roof every year, so why not collect it? This water can be used for many activities, for example by conveying it to an irrigation system for plants with rainwater.

Of course, check that the sprinklers are working properly and are not leaking, and adjust them so that only the green space is watered. You can install an intelligent irrigation system with soil moisture sensors or add these features to your system. Here are some tips you should know to detect water leakage in your home

5. Don’t forget drinking water:

Reduce the consumption of plastic and at the same time improve the quality of our drinking water. It is  also in this case there is a Bonus to be exploited. This is a 50% tax credit, in effect until 31 December 2022.  For the purchase and installation of filtering, mineralization, cooling and / or addition of food carbon dioxide systems. The maximum amount of the expense on which to calculate the subsidy is set at 1,000 $ for each property, for individuals.

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