How to Start a Toddler/Preschool in Delhi, India?

How to Start a Toddler/Preschool in Delhi,India?

Starting a Toddler School in your city will be difficult for you if you want to start one on your own. If you want to start a preschool in Delhi NCR district then partner with other kindergarten brands that offer a business to play school. Because starting school from zero will lead you to negative situations.

As you can experience unwanted surprises anywhere and anytime while running your business. It is a business law that says, “Starting a new business is easy but its survival is difficult”. To open an elementary school in your city you need a certain amount of Investment in your pocket. It will be better for you to take the opportunity to preschool franchise in the Delhi NCR region. Partnering with one of the famous play school franchises means you are on the right track because you just need to manage your Kindergarten school rather than indulge in a lot of complicated tasks. The school franchiser will do everything for you from selecting the school land to its establishment and student admission.

The process of starting a kindergarten franchise in your city:


Step 1. If you want to open your own play school you should have a budget of about 12-15 Lakhs. You do not need to get a permit when you open a play school in Delhi.

Step 2. Ask a toddler school that offers the opportunity to play a sports school franchise in the Delhi / NCR region. Analyze and Identify a preschool franchise that matches your budget and expectations. Make sure the school franchise of your choice provides a guarantee of full acceptance and support.

Step 3. Choose the right place for the school to open. The place you choose should be close to the community so that it is easier for parents to visit the preschool so that their children can be accepted. Here, some playchool franchises will help you in choosing a location and school property. If you have land and your property it will be better for you. As it will reduce your monthly rent and other expenses.

Step 4. After selecting a location according to your needs. You just need to set up school infrastructure as per your choice and preferences. A kindergarten franchiser will not only help you choose a place to open a play school but also help you set up all the infrastructure.

Step 5. Once the play school is ready and ready to be launched. After that your salesperson will help you raise awareness about your school product in the area. Most of the school franchises will assist you in the Digital Marketing of your school to be presented.

Step 6. Now open your kindergarten after hiring the right staff. The franchiser will help you hire again. Get a school curriculum from a vendor and make your school work for acceptance. These steps are enough to start a toddler school in the Delhi NCR district.

All of the steps mentioned above will be much easier for you if you partner with the Junior Dps School Franchise. Junior Dps offers the most expensive Play School Franchise opportunities in the Delhi / NCR region.


Do not worry that there are no legal proceedings against running a kindergarten in a residential area. If you have made this decision about opening a play school in your city, it means you are in the right place. Junior Dps School is the newest Toddler school in Delhi NCR district.

Junior Dps gives you the opportunity for the most profitable kindergarten franchise in your city. From designing and graduating to setting up a good play school with you. We provide 360-degree support for franchise partners. In addition, we have 20 franchises and Best preschool in Delhi, India district and CBSE School in delhi.

After the school launch, you just need to manage your school and relax we will do it for you. Our kindergarten franchise proposal will be the best play school project for you. We will help you run your school successfully. If you still have doubts, then ask your questions to our experts.


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