How to Maximize your Marks in IB Maths

10 Secrets to Help you Succeed

Scoring in IB Maths is not rocket science but not even a cakewalk. Maths is so unique that their sums have shortcuts, but scoring doesn’t. So, what is the solution? Well, the solution is practice and hard work. A student desires to have a magic wand which they want to wave on themselves, and WWWoooohhhhh, you acquire the whole knowledge of IB maths. But sorry, you can’t get a magic wand but can acquire knowledge with some of the secrets.

Here are some secrets that will help you maximize your marks and achieve success.

Secrets to Maximize marks in IB Maths.

How to Maximize your Marks in IB Maths
How to Maximize your Marks in IB Maths

Be mentally prepared

Before starting up, be mentally prepared about what you are up to. Stabilize your mind and forget about how IB maths scares you and runs down shivers in your body. Just like when a scribbled paper is erased, you get the plain white paper, in the same way, erase all the negative thoughts and doubts about maths. Start afresh with the new page. Surely, the things will be easier to understand so will be maths.

Change your wrong study protocol to a new study habit.

Are you still stuck with your old bad habit of studying? The time has come to change your habit. You won’t get the coursework completed till you don’t change yourself. IB maths success combines the dedication of daily practice, hard work of long hours, and getting your concepts cleared and out of the box thinking.

To do all these, you need to focus. And that’s the habit you need to adapt to. Focus! Focus! And Focus!

Don’t dare to underestimate the power of exams.

How seriously do we take our exams? Oops, a very hard question, isn’t it? Because we don’t take our exams seriously. Days before exams we remember everything we have to do, except studying. And one day before, our sleep never leaves us, always takes us for granted, and ultimately, we have to surrender. Jokes apart! We shouldn’t ignore or underestimate exams. Whether the exams are big or small, practice for them well, as this helps you see where you land and where you are lagging.

It’s not enough to know the concepts.

Some think that mugging up the concepts makes you a pro in maths. If that’s your thinking, then change it immediately. Mugging up is a complete NO-NO. Well, even just knowing the concepts is not enough. You should be able to explain it to your friends also.

Studying with peers gives you a reality check of where you stand. And if you can clear maths concepts of your friends, that is the success your hard work has given you. Surely the exams won’t be difficult for you.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are weak. Neither do tutors make you feel so? They are always there to guide you and support you. They don’t pull you down but push you up. Therefore never hesitate to ask for help from your tutors.

Make the answer easy for the examiner to check.

Remember one thing; examiners are very generous. They are there to give you marks. So give them a chance to do so. Write answers that your examiners can understand. Answers should be crisp and to the point, not like a merry-go-round.

Read before you write.

Once you get your question sheet in your hand, don’t just start writing. Read carefully. Sometimes the answers are hidden in the question. Therefore READ! READ! And READ! Before you spill your answers.

Solve past papers

Past papers can make you aware of the level of difficulty. And solving such papers makes you a pro. And one additional benefit is your speed of solving also increases as you keep on solving papers. Therefore, one arrow-two target isn’t that cool.

Make notes of all important points.

Exams are around the corner, and you can’t just keep on flipping pages to find the important concepts. Therefore, always note down the important points. It will help you during exams to revise and not waste time.

Make diagrams where possible.

Diagrams give extra weight to your answers. It helps your examiners to understand your answers and the logic behind them. Therefore, draw diagrams where possible. And if the question doesn’t require still make it for your reference and calculations.

The bottom head

There is no alternative to success for IB Maths. It’s the hard work and dedication that will help you grow. And of course, the above tips and tricks.

Remember, the magic lies in your brain and hands; the wishing wand is just a source.


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