How to Install a Ridge Vent on a Shingled Roof

One of the most popular methods of Somerset roofers ,they are providing enough ventilation in attic spaces is through the use of a ridge vent, which is also known as a continuous vent. An advantage of ridge vents is that they are so low-profile that they are nearly imperceptible, as opposed to other elevated vents that are more conspicuous.

Remove the Shingle Caps off the roof

To begin, remove the nails that are holding the ridge cap shingles in place using your fingers. Typically, there are two nails in each ridge cap, one on either side of the ridge cap, which is standard for most asphalt shingle ridge caps.

Begin at the very end with the last over-lapping cap shingle on the roof

Placing a flat pry bar beneath the shingle cap and lifting on both the shingle and the nail head may loosen the nail, which can then be prayed out using a prying tool. Remove the shingle cap from the roof.

To remove the shingles from the ridge, use a utility knife with a hook blade to cut them back three inches (or as advised by the vent maker). Discard any felt paper or underlayment from the ridge, leaving 3 inches of wood decking along the ridge exposed once it has been removed.

Reduce the size of the ventilation opening

The next stage is to cut the wood decking back along the ridgeline to expose the underlying structure. Create at least 1 inch of room on either side of the ridge board (ridgepole) to allow air to pass through the aperture into the vent. The aperture should be at least 1 inch away from the ridge on both sides, unless there is no ridge board present, as is the case with certain truss-framed roofs.

Each side should be measured down from the ridge and marked with a chalk line to indicate where cutting lines should be made in the roof decking. Using a cat’s paw pry bar and a hammer, pry out any framing nails that are above or going through the chalk lines.

New 8d nails hammered into the Union Roofers or trusses below each chalk line should be used to secure the decking below each chalk line. Decking should be cut with a circular saw following the chalk lines. Make careful to set the depth of the blade so that the saw only cuts through the decking and not the rafters or trusses while cutting the decking.

Replace Old Field Shingles with New Field Shingles

Install new field shingles as needed to cover any exposed decking that has been left exposed. In addition, reconnect the current courses of shingles using roofing nails so that they are fixed along the top margins where the shingles were cut back, as seen in the photograph.

Ridge Vent should be installed (Shingle-Over Style)

Mark along one side of the ridgeline the manufacturer’s suggested distance from the ridgeline, then snap the chalk line between the marks to produce a reference line for the next step.

Installation Instructions: Place the shingle-over ridge vent along the reference line and nail the ridge vent into place on the decking along that side, according to the manufacturer’s instructions: The other side of the vent should be attached to the opposite side of the ridge for the vent to be completely secure.

Ridge Vent should be installed (Aluminum Ridge Style)

Measure down and mark the distance from the ridge that the manufacturer recommends, then snap a chalk line between the markings to form a reference line for the next step. Apply polyurethane caulk to the underside of the flanges on both sides of the vent, per the manufacturer’s instructions, to seal the joint.

Align the aluminum ridge vent with the reference line to ensure proper alignment. Nail through the flange on both sides of the vent and into the roof decking and rafters (or trusses) using the nails and nail spacing specified by the manufacturer to secure the vent to the roof decking and rafters.

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