How To Choose Yarn for Knitting and Crocheting?

In a knitting thread shop, needlewomen experience feelings comparable to those of a sweet tooth in front of a candy store counter. Hundreds of colors and textures, dozens of unfamiliar names. How to choose yarn for knitting and crocheting, and what to knit a warm hat and a soft sweater from? How not to miscalculate the number of skeins if the type indicated in the master class is not on sale? This manual will help you buy quality material and will reveal the secrets of some of the advertising tricks of sellers and manufacturers.

Yarn Selection Criteria for Different Applications

Does the choice of threads affect the tool you plan to knit with – knitting needles or a hook? For most varieties, this does not matter. The labels indicate the optimal size of both the hook and the knitting needles at the same time. However, there are exceptions: the thinnest “Snowflake” is clearly not suitable for knitting needles, and if you crochet a thick cotton top, it will come out too rough.

How important is thickness?

In addition to color and composition, there is another important indicator: conditional thickness. She says how many meters are in a skein or in 100 grams. The longer the length, the thinner the thread.

This parameter is often indicated in product descriptions. When you cannot pick up the threads of the brand that the author of the master class named, take others. If they have the same conditional thickness, the knitting pattern will not have to be adjusted.

What yarn to learn to knit

If you are taking your first steps in knitting or crocheting, choose a new bernat blanket yarn. It doesn’t have to be natural. The main thing is that you like the thread in color and to be of medium thickness (about 300 meters per 100 grams). From this, it will be easy and pleasant to knit.

It is difficult to master loops on too-thin threads, and even “trained” needlewomen get tired of thick ones. Such difficulties for a beginner can for a long time discourage the desire to take on a hook or knitting needles.

What is the best yarn for a sweater?

If you are planning to knit a warm sweater or scarf, choose yarn in rows with warm threads. These include, first of all, natural wool. On sale, there is sheep, camel, and goat. For beginners, it seems that there can be no better option for cold days. Things made of piles of animal origin, of course, turn out to be warm. But they may have disadvantages:

  • Prickliness;
  • Shrinkage after washing;
  • In allergy sufferers, natural wool can cause irritation.

Merino and alpaca wool are considered the least prickly. Very gentle goat down, from which the famous downy shawls are knitted.

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What yarn is the warmer hat?

Recently, things from large threads have come into fashion, for knitting of which hooks and knitting needles of 10-25 sizes are required. You can make a hat or snood from these in just a couple of hours.

Subconsciously, most needlewomen think: that the thicker the yarn, the warmer it is. It is not always so. Even the most powerful fabric is unlikely to warm in severe frost if there is not a single real wool pile in it.

What threads are best for summer things?

The undoubted leader for knitting summer tops, and regular and beach dresses is cotton. This plant-based fiber material perfectly absorbs moisture, breathes, and does not cause allergies. In the assortment of large stores, there can be about fifty varieties of yarn for knitting from pure cotton.

The summer varieties of thread also include viscose produced from wood pulp. Its threads are cast with an almost metallic sheen or, like in Natural Viscose, they look like natural matte cotton.

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