How do Reals work on Instagram?

Instagram didn’t do things by halves. Enlivened by their rival, the designers have made another space altogether devoted to reals. That is to say that Internet users can scroll for hours on the real Instagram newsfeed and, you can get more awareness on Instagram through reels and if you wanna know what Top sites to Buy Instagram Followers Australia because you know when you’ll have a large number of followers you’ll get more visibility.

Then, as a content creator, in addition to having your creation visible in real explorers, you can share your creations with your followers on your Instagram feed. In short, anyone can become a quality content creator on Instagram and make an impact around the world.

Watch Reals on Instagram

The Reels Explorer segment shows you the most well-known Instagram content.
Instagram’s algorithms show you entertaining content related to the topics you love to watch. By scrolling vertically, if you like a Real, you can show your interest in the content by putting a like, comment, or by sharing it with your close friends.

Use all features for editing your Insta Reals

Once you are on this interface, you will find various editing tools on the left side of your screen. It is by using a maximum of these personalization tools that you will be able to create Reals that arouse the interest of Internet users.

Use all features of Instagram reels

The audio tracks

You have the option to choose songs from Instagram’s music library or use your own audio content by recording it with the reel. Be aware that if you publish a Real with your own audio track added, it belongs to you. And by having a public account, other users will be able to use it for their creations.

The duration of the Real

Depending on the content you want to share on your real, you have the possibility of 3 different durations. 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute are the 3 possibilities you have to build a Real that makes you want to be watched.

Audio and video speed

Choose to speed up or slow down certain parts of your videos so that the rhythm of the music is perfectly synchronized. This option also allows you to make time-lapse or slow-motion videos.

Alignment and framing

Align objects in the previous clip before recording the next clip. This will allow you to create smooth transitions when you need to change outfits or add new friends to your Real.

Timer and countdown

This option is exceptional as it allows you to set timers to record clips hands-free. By clicking on the timer on the left of your screen, you will be able to determine the duration of the clip you want to record as well as the countdown from 3 to 10 seconds before recording.

Visual effects

To choose your favorite visual effects and integrate them into your Reals, click on “effects” at the bottom of your screen. You have the ability to search, save and view trending and popular effects. In this Instagram library, you can find effects created by your favorite, world-renowned creators.

Create your Real Instagram

Now that you know all the Features available to create a Real, all you need to do is get started. By holding down the record button, create a series of video clips to make up your Real. While recording, a progress bar will appear at the top of your screen to let you know how long the clip is. Then, to stop your clip, simply stop recording.

You also have the option of importing a video from your previously recorded gallery to create your Real. When your Real is ready, go to the share screen where you can save a draft of your creation, edit the cover image, tag your friends, and add titles and hashtags.

How to share Reals on Instagram?

Les Réels allows you to communicate directly with your subscribers while offering you enormous visibility among Instagram users around the world. Below, our experts explain the difference between a public account and a private account.

Share your Actuals with a public account

You can share your Réel in the dedicated Réel Explorer space where the entire Instagram community can discover your creation. You can also notify your community by sharing your creation in a story or even share this format with your followers by publishing your creation directly on your Instagram feed.

Internet users can also appear on a dedicated page when someone clicks on the associated song, hashtag, or effect.

share Instagram reels

Share your Actuals with a private account

By having a private account, the Instagram Reals that you post will only be visible to your followers. You can share them in your story or in a private message with your Instagram friends. They will be able to view them, but no one will be able to use the original audio of your Reals or even share them with people who do not follow you.

Then, you do not benefit from the visibility that this type of content can really bring you. It is therefore necessary to favor a public account if you want to increase your visibility on Instagram.


If you are a simple consumer, you know how to correctly use the Actuals on Instagram to view content that you like and thus share it with your friends.

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