How do I teach my kid to learn the Quran?

All Muslims are required to pass on the Quran to young people. Because they’re more proficient in their learning, children can master the Quran significantly faster than adults. Indeed, research has shown that children are more adept at learn studying the Quran especially in the area of language.

Therefore it is imperative that we all take the initiative to impart our children about the Quran for our kids, so that they will benefit from it when they reach the age of adulthood. Where do we start with learn Quran online UK to our children? Here’s the deal you can help them memorize the Qur’an and be connected to it at the age of.

Devoted to their Studies

Every parent’s goal is to raise kids who are devoted to their Quran as well as the Sunnah and who pray every day five times. In the end, we all wish to raise healthy children, who are Salah-loving and understand and love Islam. 

Parents are often torn about teaching their kids how to teach their children the Five Pillars of Islam. Offering them fun in Ramadan and Hajj and shopping for the most beautiful Islamic books and toys, and even beginning with the Arabic Alphabet. There are so many options to think about!

There isn’t a universal method of learning the Quran to young children. Certain families find it advantageous sending their children to an institution with an experienced teacher who will give 100% of their time and attention to their child. On the other hand, some prefer to instruct their children at home.

Start From Young Age

If your child is young in age, between 3 and 6, they will require comfortable learning techniques. You should find a teacher that understands what you’re experiencing. Check out their schedule. Do not overcrowd it. If things don’t go as planned it is possible to find your creative solutions.

Start teaching small Duas or Surahs to your young child. When they begin to develop an interest, you can take them to the next step, teaching them Ayahs.

You may be thinking about what you can teach your child the Quran after you’ve made the decision to teach them. Here’s step-by-step instructions on the method I used to teach it.

1 Start Your Child from Noorani Qaida

It is essential to be able to identify the correct kind of Noorani Qaida. You do not want to be having to change the books in the future. Your child could become frustrated because of this. First and foremost look for a quality book. Color-coded Tajweed parts are vital to your child’s success Keep your eyes open for them. .

2 Engage with the Environment

Your child’s learning is best when he’s engage with his environment. Watching faces, observing things and responding to sounds are just a few examples. Making sounds and singing are all things you can do using your hands.

Many people think that memory is the most effective when it is done at a young age. There are many instances of children at a young age of seven old who have memorized the Qur’an without no negative consequences . May Allah help the children from this Ummah to study to practice, preach and teach Islam in order they can be a source of inspiration for the entire human race.

To help your children learn the appropriate age lessons start with a brief story about Heaven or prophets like Solomon or the story of the Ants and ants. All of which are explain in the Holy Quran.

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