Host Your Website With Fastest Dedicated Server Melbourne?


When you’re willing to develop your company’s website, do some analysis to see which form of hosting is ideal for you. There are a variety of options available, not just in consideration of server providers, but even following the type of service you’ll need.

Dedicated and shared hosting are the two most prevalent types of hosting but which is appropriate for you relies fully on your organization and the unique needs of the site you’re managing.

Serverwala is a well-regarded establishment that serves thousands of worldwide clients and is also the leading company of Dedicated Server Melbourne. They’re known for giving clients more dependability, adaptability, and scalability. Furthermore, Serverwala is indeed a cost-effective option because they provide several packages at fair pricing. Ultimately, they are the top dedicated server Melbourne providers with a headquarters for maintaining your website.

Dedicated Hosting Services 

Melbourne Dedicated hosting service is a type of managed hosting wherein you (the user) have complete control over a device and without any other users. When using shared hosting, your website shares server space with many other websites; nonetheless, when using a dedicated server Melbourne service, your website has its infrastructure. Although a dedicated server in Melbourne is a little more expensive than shared hosting, the rewards outweigh the cost.

How Does it work?

The shared hosting stands as insufficient for several enterprises hence if you choose a dedicated server Melbourne, the company will immediately get a big edge in the competitive division.

Enhanced security

Of course, many businesses choose a Cheap Dedicated server Melbourne  for security reasons. Because you’re not refusing to share physical space, you have entire authority over your server, which means it’s more secure. In a shared network, you never know who the users are, and if they’re up to no good or have insufficient security on their own, it could influence you because of their physical space usage.

There are few to no restrictions.

With shared hosting, separate sites are managed on the same server, limiting bandwidth, site traffic, as well as other considerations. Because you’re not working collaboratively on a Melbourne dedicated hosting, there are no restrictions on other users ‘equality.

Internet Protocol address of your own

Apart from shared hosting, a dedicated hosting plan ensures that having a good IP address stands as yours and yours exclusively since each server has its Internet address. This removes the possibility of an adjoining website being spam or perhaps an explicit page, which can be reducing your own site’s search engine ranking immediately. A specialized IP address is critical for larger e-commerce companies seeking SSL to process credit card expenditures.

Advantages That’s why You Should host your Website With Dedicated Server in Melbourne

Let’s have a peek at some of Serverwala’s best features for dedicated server  Melbourne.

– Fast page loading speed

Users would easily customize their web pages to meet their individual needs and interests. A dedicated server Melbourne allows users to change Memory space, CPU, storage areas, as well as other factors as needed. Clients will indeed be willing to adjust the server’s settings to their specific requirements.

Therefore more adaptability you possess, the better the functionality and dependability of your website will be.

– Best Resources 

Clients would have absolute ownership over the server because they would have unrestricted root access. It would indicate that customers will have complete freedom to install whichever type of software they want.

Clients can increase or decrease their resource allocation based on their requirements. The CPU could simply be upgraded to use more cores or even a faster clock speed. Clients can also update their RAM, hard drive, and other components when necessary. Scaling overall resources and ensuring you receive what you need is uncomplicated with a Serverwala dedicated hosting in Melbourne.

– High Traffic Management 

Serverwala’s platform is powerful and dependable, ensuring that its customers have access to high capacity and reliability. Servers would be supported by a backup power supply, ensuring that they would continue to function even if the local outlet went down. There are no infrastructural worries, according to Serverwala.

A dedicated server within Melbourne, unlike a shared server, provides your website its very own Internet address. A customized IP address is something not shared with every other website.

  • Your site will be successful in establishing a distinct online identity.
  • It won’t get confused with some other company’s website. Top search engines including Google, Yahoo, and others prioritize sites with dedicated IP addresses.

– Secure and Reliable 

Users get root access to the server as well as the flexibility to configure it with the Melbourne server management service. You can deploy the operating system at the server’s core if you choose. Users, overall, can acquire whichever operating option that best fits their company website and the most programs that can run on it. Users have the authority to alter or modify the applications, programs, or technology that they have downloaded.

Whenever your website grows, you’ll probably scale forwards or backward its resources. Using dedicated Hosting Melbourne, suggest flexibility becomes simple to achieve. You can grow exponentially your resources, including such hard drive space, os version, and so on if your website demands it.

– 24/7 Customer Support 

One of the usefulness of acquiring a Dedicated server Melbourne from Serverwala is that you will have constant access to their customer support. Serverwala’s customer team will assist their users 24/7, to address any concerns or provide any necessary assistance.


Thus, if you want to maintain your website, a Dedicated server Melbourne is the best alternative. Whenever your website has expanded to a massive scale, you will demand additional resources and advice. These specifications can only be met by a Data Center Service Provider in Melbourne.

Serverwala’s cost-effective services and solutions have always delighted us. Their clients may get whatever they need for their website promptly.

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