Who are the Best Home Textile Manufacturers in India?

Textile has become one of India’s oldest sectors, and it plays a significant role in economic development, accounting for around 14% of industrial value-added.

With an essential raw material and textile production base, India’s textile industry is one of the world’s largest. The textile sector contributes around 8% of overall excise tax collection.

The textile industry meets one of the people’s basic fundamental requirements. Therefore it must continue to expand in order to improve quality of life. It holds a prominent position as a self-sufficient industry, from the production process through final product supply, with significant value-added at every step of the process.

Home textiles are an essential component of technical textiles. Home textiles are those parts of technical textiles that assist an individual in contributing their unique style to their residence; in other terms, they turn a place into a home.

They relate to textiles used in the house, such as shower curtains, upholstery, aprons, wallpapers, curtains, bedspreads, and pillow coverings. In India, the home textile industry is highly prevalent.

For years, various places in India have been producing home textiles. India’s most prominent home textiles companies are:

  • Panipat
  • Karur
  • Chennai
  • Cannanore
  • Banglore
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Jaipur
  • Mirzapur
  • Badhohi


The best home textile companies in India are:

Trident Group

Trident is one of India’s worldwide textile fabric producers, specializing in yarn solutions, home textiles, chemicals, and paper. It is the flagship brand of Trident company, an Indian commercial group with a market capitalization of USD 1 billion and a worldwide presence.

Trident Limited, headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, is a highly integrated textiles paper (Wheat Straw-based) and (Yarn, Bath & Bed Linen) producer and amongst India’s leading companies in the Home Textiles industry.

The firm, which supplies nationwide, regional, and retail chain brands, is highly adorned with honors from consumers, suppliers, and other government agencies for promoting the standards required in quality of product, civic responsibility, and environmental responsibility.

with an exclusive range of bed sheets and bath towels, Trident Limited is one of the leading home textile company in India.

Arvind ltd 

Arvind Ltd is among India’s major textile firms. Arvind’s fabric can now be used to round the globe six times. Every second, an Arvind-managed brand sells two pieces of clothing in India. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is the company’s headquarters.

It is the biggest amongst India’s top ten textile enterprises. 

Arvind Ltd is one of India’s top textile companies. Forty-two thousand workers are working in industries stretching from retailing to sophisticated materials, social and environmental solutions, and home textiles and fashion.

Vardhman Textiles Limited 

Vardhaman Textiles is India’s second-largest textile company. Vardhman is one of the country’s giant textile corporations, having been in operation for more than five decades. Vardhman Group, which began modestly in 1965, has grown over the years into a clothing and textile giant Vardhman Textiles Limited is now the acme of continuous growing business and extensive business experience.

The Group, which manufactures Yarn, Fabric, Acrylic Fibre, Garments, Sewing Threads, and produces various home textile products, has grown over the years to become a commercial behemoth with a foothold in India and 75 nations around the world.

Himatsingka Seide Ltd 

Himatsingka Group, founded in 1985, specializes in planning production, best-in-class production methods, and practical supply chain abilities to assure the industry’s best customer service possible.

The Himatsingka Group is a global, highly integrated Home Textiles conglomerate. The Group specializes in producing, selling, and transporting home textile items. On the production front, the Group has one of the world’s most extraordinary capacities for producing upholstered textile, curtain fabrics, and bed linen goods.

Its wholesaling distribution operations, which are spread across North America, Asia, and Europe, sell some of the most popular brands in the Home Textile industry and serve to White Label programs of large retailers in these areas.

K P R Mill Ltd 

KPR Mill Limited is amongst India’s most prominent and leading manufacturers and suppliers, producing Cotton, Stitched Grey & Coloured Fabric, Readymade Garments, and various products in the home textile area. It is ranked sixth among India’s top ten textile enterprises.

The fabric section is fitted with advanced automated circular machinery. The apparel manufacturing factory is one of India’s most significant, having a capacity of 95 million garments per year. The firm is one of India’s most influential textile companies.


The textile industry meets one of the people’s basic fundamental requirements. Above mentioned companies are the top home textile companies in India and they continually grow and develop their business worldwide.

Trident industries , amongst the above, is no doubt the best home textile company and has a wide range of products to offer.

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