Handloom Sarees of India which can be find in Mom’s Wardrobe

If you are among the ones who have spent your childhood hunting sarees in the closet of your mother’s wardrobe, no doubt then your childhood days must be awesome. Now we have grown up, and still, we are moaning the same and looking for some fantastic good sarees which we can flaunt on occasions and farewell. And now, most of us have understood the importance of these old beautiful handcrafted sarees and might be waiting for to pass onto them by their mothers.

To help you out, here is the list of the Top Handloom sarees of India that you can find in your mother’s closet.

Top Handloom sarees of India

Here is the list of some of the famous handloom sarees of India.

Bengal Handloom Sarees

One of the most popular handcrafted saree is the Bengal handloom sarees. The use of the different varieties of the textile and the embroideries make them popular among every age group of women. The Kantha is one of the famous Bengali handloom sarees with unique intricate embroideries. Another popular type of handcrafted saree is the Jamdani, usually made up of muslin cloth.

Some of the other popular varieties of the Bengali handloom sarees are the Baluchari, Korial Tant, and the Banaroshi, which are ideal for occasional and office wear.

Banarasi Handloom sarees

Another popular handloom saree of India which you can easily find in your mom’s closet is the beautiful handmade banarasi saree. Banarasi saree is the gemstone of the saree, which can perfectly blend with anything to uplift your complete look.

Most of the young generation thought the banarasi saree was about a silk saree with a lustrous finish. The multiple varieties of the handmade fabric such as georgette, cotton and many more are used to create an original banarasi saree.

Ajrakh Saree

The Ajrakh saree is a popular handloom saree of Gujarat, representing the blend of art and tradition. It has gained immense popularity worldwide, and the use of vibrant colors and intricate design makes it irresistible and popular among women of all ages which can be worn on any occasion.

The Ajrakh saree is the beauty of the art itself. A total of 15-16 steps occur before the final product gets ready. The complete process is labor intensive, where everything is done with the hands using organic substances. Due to such huge efforts to create the Ajrakh saree. It is always tough to find the authentic one. If you also love wearing the Ajrakh saree and don’t know where to buy the best Ajrakh handmade saree. Don’t worry, Kutchi bazaar is the one-stop destination to buy Ajrakh saree online in India. Some of their popular product are the cotton Ajrakh saree, Gharcholo Ajrakh saree and bandhani Ajrakh saree.

Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi silk comes under India’s traditional handloom sarees, which originated from a small village name called Chanderi. The chanderi silk saree is being made using the wrap and weft method. . The speciality of the saree is the use of chanderi silk which comes with the flowers, coint and peacock art.


Bandhani is one of the most common traditional sarees of India. It’s a fascinating traditional craft that entails knotting the fabric in with thread at various spots. Bandhani is an ancient traditional art form with individual variations that developed in the desert regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Leheria, which uses wavy pattern sections instead of dots, is a variation of this art (wave).





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