Handling nosy relatives and their questions about babies

Life as a married couple involves many challenges. One of these challenges is about babies. Notwithstanding the stress of trying to have a baby, there is also the constant struggle of trying to evade the questions from friends and family.

The constant tirade of when you are having a baby can be tiring to bear. It can be hard to keep your temper even and your tone pleasant in the face of such nosy questions.

It is not always easy to take such questions, especially when the other person is well-intentioned, and you are struggling with having a baby yourself. While there is not much you can do about the former, the latter can be helped with the aid of the best gynecologist in Islamabad.

Evading nosy relatives

Be immune to their words

Admittedly, words can pierce one’s soul, but it’s also important to become immune to people’s words. Otherwise, your life will stay hard, and become harder still. Hence, you need to start building a stronger wall against people’s words.

Shrug off anything that your aunt says. Take the power out of the jabs that you cousin made. Stress from their words will not only impair your mental health, but it also wreaks havoc on your hormones, thereby further complicating the process.

Look at it from another perspective

If you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed about the constant questioning, you may try to look at it from another perspective. Maybe try to think of it as love from our relatives; may be their intentions are pure. Maybe, you should consider yourself lucky to have family and friends that are concerned about it.

Although thinking on these lines may be hard, but it is important to consciously cultivate positivity in all facets of life, even the annoying ones.

Have a story

If you are not intending to have a baby anytime soon, and are not interested in having a debate about why you priorities do not include a baby, why your age is not running out etc., it is best to have a story or a narrative intact.

Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page, as the nosy relatives can smell any loopholes.

You do not have to have make up any elaborate story, or state any lies, but leave it as a vague statement, that is open to interpretation but not debate. For example, saying phrases like whatever God wills, or whenever it is destined to be can stop the relatives from making any further inquiries.

Politely shut them

Perhaps your relatives are not getting the drift and are continuing with their relentless pursuit of information about your baby, then it is better to nip it in the bud.

Politely shut their advances so that they hesitate before engaging you further. You may say phrases like we want to keep things private, or we’ll let you know when the time comes so there is no room left for interpretation; they realize that their advances are unwelcome. 

Vent it out

Getting into the defense of your stance of not wanting to have a baby, or your inability to make one might take a lot of toll on your health. It may also cause rift between you and your family. The constant attempts at reconciliation are also not easy to initiate.

One way to deal with such talks and their negative impact is by being quiet in the moment, but later venting it out. Write yourself a note, a letter or just talk to yourself. When you get your catharsis, you will rid yourself of the negative emotions.

Visit health experts

If you have been trying to have a baby, but are struggling through this process, it is important that you try to get timely help from a health expert, like those at Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital

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