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Hair extensions – Hair extension technologies

Today, in hair service there are many hair extension technologies, but all of them are divided into two main groups: hot (capsular) and cold. The hot extension involves the use of keratin or protein capsules, which, under the influence of high temperatures, solder your own and donor curls together, increasing the length and thickness of the hair. English, Italian, and French hair extensions all follow a similar method.

Cold construction is accomplished with the help of a particular adhesive (Spanish technology), metal rings, or silicone tapes. This beauty service avoids the harmful effects of high temperatures on “native” hair. However, the term for wearing strands attached in a “cold” way is only 1-2 months. While after hot extensions, curly hairstyles can last up to six months. The length of this period is determined not only by the master’s professionalism but also by the quality of post-procedure care for the expanded strands. We will talk about this further.

How to wash hair extensions.

  •  The first hair wash should be done no sooner than two days following the procedure, to allow the fasteners to fully set and the curls to not come out prematurely.
  • It is better to wash your hair in the shower so that your head is in an upright position. This will avoid excessive tangling of the strands.
  •  Shampoos should be chosen with a neutral pH (equal to 7) and moisturizing action, preferably from a line of products designed specifically for hair extensions. Shampoos for dry hair should never be used since they will cause degradation and quick combing of the stretched strands. Shampoo should be applied with gentle massage movements, without intense rubbing and friction.
  •  The hair balm is applied all the way down the strands, except the attachment places. It should be washed off with clean, warm water, without the use of vinegar or citric acid, as these substances can damage the capsules.
  •  When wiping wet hair, abrupt movements should be avoided, gently drying the curls with a terry towel from top to bottom.
  •  Drying hair extensions is best done in a natural way, especially if they were attached using the hot extension method. Curling irons, tongs, and other electrical tools should also be avoided when styling hair.

How to comb and style hair extensions.

  • You’ll need a special brush with soft, sparse teeth and, of course, no balls at the end to comb the stretched curls. Using a regular comb, you can damage the joints and at one moment lose most of the extended strands.
  • Wait until your hair is completely dry before combing it (this also applies to ordinary hair). Begin at the tips and work your way down to the roots. Avoid sudden, jerky movements, because of which the extended strands can easily come off. To facilitate the morning combing procedure, hair at night can be braided in a loose braid or laid under a mesh.
  •  While wearing extended strands, it is better to abandon the bouffants, since their unraveling will not do without losing a large amount of hair.
  •  When styling, avoid touching the point where the extensions meet your own strands. If you need to use other fixatives (foam, gel, varnish), be sure they have a neutral pH.

Other rules for the care of hair extensions.

  •  You can dye extended strands, but you should avoid the penetration of paint into the places where the hair is attached and choose a dye that does not contain ammonia and other aggressive substances. As a result, it is preferable to entrust the coloring of long hair to a specialist.
  •  Avoid getting combinations on the attachment sites when applying homemade hair masks, especially if they contain alcohol, spices, acids, mustard, or citrus fruits.
  •  Saunas, spas, and solariums should be avoided after working in a hot facility since high temperatures can harm the capsules.

As you can see, maintaining hair extensions is a difficult chore. But, as the saying goes, beauty necessitates sacrifice. What could be more attractive than thick, long locks? You can forego trips to the sauna or set aside a few more minutes for “proper” combing for the sake of such decoration.


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