Guide For Building Sliding Doors on Cabinet with DIY TOOLS


One of the most common, authentic, and aesthetically pleasing DIY projects is to build sliding doors for cabinets. Cabinet doors don’t have much to offer apart from keeping a few dust particles off the rack. However, they do look more decent than an open space. Moreover, today we will focus on sliding doors and how to build them, the DIY tools you need, and more. Hence, this guide will help you how to make DIY sliding cabinet doors. So, keep reading! 


Choosing the Right Track for Sliding Doors 


All the different ways that you can make sliding doors revolve around the idea of your track. You have to bag the best deal and convenience from the task while considering cost and reliability. Many people opt to start by creating their DIY track; however, the advantage of the premade track is unmatched. 


After experimenting with DIY tracks, It’s ultimately best to go with the more straightforward solution. In such cases, It’s better to use a simple DIY Tool Kit to get the feel and look you want for sliding doors on cabinets. 


Additionally, this option proves affordable compared to the rest of the market wages. However, it’s better to have a quick survey before deciding what you want to work with. Also, one thing to remember is that if you want the seam to fall right in the middle, it’s better to purchase two sets of tracks to ensure they’re long enough to fit. 


No one wants their doors to rub against the cabinet’s face frames. Therefore, It’s better to attach a strip of ¼ on the top and downside of the railing. Also, to secure a joist, we suggest not relying on anchor screws and just using 2×4 and driving screws at a 3’ angle so that it gives you space to mount your railings over. While many can skip this step, it’s better to complete the task safely and professionally as a DIYer. So, there’s no room for mistakes. It’s always better to ensure perfection than to keep it hanging for an extended period. 

Cutting the Door Panels

After installing the track, the next step is to determine the approximate height of the doors. It’s better to get four doors out of two sheets of 1/2″ plywood, and it may not be the fanciest of wood. However, it’s pretty cost-effective, especially if you’re planning on painting over it for a smoother, cleaner finish! 

Mostly workshop cabinets are gray, while kitchen o=and other wardrobe cabinets blend with creamy and neutral color schemes. Hence, opting for neutral wood to give the color some break, you can paint the panel part of the doors according to your preferences. 

Creating Sliding Cabinet Doors Frame

To get the fun wooden accent, you can frame the panels with the 1/4″ plywood that you would have from cutting the four-door panels. For the doors, you would need to cut:

  • Tons of 1/4″ plywood strips 
  • Several two 1/2″ strips of plywood
  • a few strips of 5″ for the top rails


Before attaching them to the door panel, you can apply a couple of coats of polyurethane since you have already painted the board. You can just put them together, and voila! Also, don’t be afraid to add your touch of creativity, style, and personal taste, so that the final results come out looking better than ever. 

You can use glue or an Amtech power tool such as a cordless nailer to attach the strips to the panel, starting with the sides (stiles). Then, you can attach a 5” top rail. Make sure the top rail is wider since the door rollers will be on the top of the doors. Moreover, you can hide the rollers by determining the space in between “rails” and cutting a scrap of wood to that length. Afterward, Use that scrap to quickly space the rails on all four sliding doors. Hence, you won’t have to measure or mark each one, and it’ll save you a lot of time and effort. 


Sanding And Finish 

We love a perfect finish, and nothing says idealism like sanding the edges smoother. You can use Amtech Sander to obtain that magazine-looking effect as their tools work wonders. Moreover, such home improvement tasks demand hefty and reliable DIY tools that can get the job done in one go, so no matter what task you have at hand, you need DIY tools to complete the job perfectly. One of the best Wholesalers UK stores in this regard is the UK Wholesale Store. They have a wide variety of DIY tools from known brands in the state and offer significant profit margins and affordable price points. Overall we hope this blog helped you understand how you can make sliding doors for cabinets as a homeowner without seeking professional help. 

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