Good Tips For The Optimal Window Cleaning

Good Tips For The Optimal Window Cleaning

There is nothing like beautiful sunshine that can gossip about the true condition of your windows. And one thing we can guarantee: It does not help to look away. So grab a scraper and bucket and follow along here, where we guide you to the ultimate window cleaning.

The water mixture first

Water is probably the most important thing when washing windows. A little soap is needed, and dishwashing detergent is fine for a long time. Just give a bottle of dishwashing detergent a squeeze for 1-2 seconds. If you want to get rid of limescale stains, you should also add a dash of household vinegar to the mixture. One deciliter of vinegar per bucket should suffice, but you may need to add a little more if there is a lot of lime in the water.

If the dirt on the window is very stubborn, or if there is a lot of grease, you can advantageously mix a cap of triple salmon alcohol in the water. It is really good to get rid of the fat.

You should leave the temperature of your window washing water dependent on the weather. Cold water for hot days, hot water for the cold. The good result in your window cleaning is to a large extent that the water must remain water, and windows are large surfaces that have the potential to turn the water into steam or ice. And then you get streaks. If you are washing windows on a hot day, you may want to consider lowering the temperature by throwing ice cubes into the water so that it does not evaporate as quickly on the windows.


It is also important that you have the gear in order if you want to get rid of streaks. You will need a bucket, a soap maker, a scraper and a cloth.

Your bucket just needs to be able to hold water. For convenience, you can buy one with a rectangular surface, so you can more easily access it with your washer.

Your washer, or soap, may not be so surprisingly what you use when the window needs to be soaped in. You can easily use a sponge for the purpose, but you can also get tools created for the purpose. With a washer, you get larger areas of soap in faster, so it’s worth considering if it was not a piece of gear you should own. Here again, price and quality are not decisive for the result.

The quality of your scraper, in turn, is crucial to whether you get nice, clean windows. This is because it is the rubber on your scraper that he contacts with the pane, and it will typically be due to dry, cracked rubber that streaks appear. Therefore, it should be completely soft and supple. You typically get this in the slightly better scrapers. The rubber strip will also typically be removable on the better scrapers, and then you can extend the life by turning it over.

Incidentally, it is a good idea to give the gum a thin layer of cooking oil when you are done. Then you prevent it from drying out.

As far as clothing is concerned, it is long fine with a tea towel, a fiber cloth or even an old t-shirt. You just have to be able to wipe the excess water off the moldings and edges. The older and more washed out, tea towel or t-shirt is the better. Then the cloth absorbs better.

 Lots of speed

One of the watchwords of a successful window cleaning is speed. The scraper must be strong when you have soaped the window in. Otherwise the water evaporates and you get stains and streaks. Therefore, it is also a bad idea to soap several windows at a time, even though it may save time, because you run the risk of the water evaporating. Also, do not fiddle too much with the razor when you are running. It has to go fast, it has to.

Movements and overlap

There are many ways and patterns to wash the window in and it is a matter of motor skills and abilities. The professional Vinduespudser mostly wash the window in one complex, sliding motion with lots of wrist twists – great results. However, it does not have to be so artful to be effective. The most important thing is that you wash the window in uniform movements, with uniform pressure on the scraper and without the scraper releasing the window in the middle of the glass.

Left to right, or the opposite for the awkward, is easy to deal with. The same is from top to bottom, just as s-movements down the pane are also reasonably straightforward.

Always make sure the scraper overlaps the freshly washed field.

Finally, wipe the edges with your cloth. Start from the top so that the water does not have time to run down.


The more you hate window cleaning, the more important it is that you get it done. This is because it is easier to wash windows when they are not almost matted by dirt. A good rule of thumb is one window wash per season. Are you lucky enough to live close to the sea, or unlucky to live close to a major road, you should probably turn more often? Salt and traffic film are bad for your visibility.

Electric window washer

“But isn’t there a robot that makes it easier?” – Yes, it does, of course. With an electric window washer you get rid of some of the hassle. You soap the window in and scrape it with your washer, which vacuums up the excess water. Some manufacturers also include a fiber cloth / spray bottle hybrid in the trade, so you do not have to lug around buckets and soaps.

If you wash window sills and frames, do so before cleaning windows. Otherwise you risk greasing your good work.

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