Good idea putting tiles on your stairs ?

Are you confused whether the tiling stairs are budget-friendly or not? Yes, there’s no doubt that it is quite a handy task to be tackled. Tiling stairs is a vital way to increase the value of your house or office. Do you want to put tiles on your stairs? Well, it is a good idea. Because stairs are the focal point of everyone’s attraction. Tiles on stairs enhance the beauty of your property. It is important to know the type of tile and its quality. Making your stairs aesthetically appealing you can choose the best tiles with Tilers Perth for them.

Is tiling your stairs is a good idea?

Yes, tiling stairs is a good idea. Stairs are the traffic place of people. That’s why tiling stairs with strong anti-slip property is important. There is a chance of falling from stairs when there is no tiling on the surface of the stairs. When you use tiles on stairs, it reduces the chances of accidents occurring on the stairs. Falling from the stairs causes major injuries. So, it is important to tile your stairs with high-quality tiles. Tiles on stairs also leave an impact that will upsurge the appeal of your property.

Things that you should know before tiling stairs

Many of the tiling stairs have slippery properties, which cause different injuries. You can save your loved one by following these steps to avoid issues.

  • Buy non-slippery tiles
  • Use slip resistance tape 
  • Non-slippery treads
  • Use carpet runner

Which tiles are best for stairs?

There is a variety of tiles that are used on the stairs. The most commonly used tiles for stairs are porcelain and ceramic tiles. This article will help you to find all types of tiling stairs.

  1. Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are safe tiles for your stairs. Ceramic tiles provide the property of a flat, hard and level surface. It also has the property of being non-slippery. It has all the qualities that ideal tiling stairs have.
  2. Porcelain tiles: It gives a stylish look to your stairs. It also provides a durable surface for your stairs. Installing this type of tile needs less than 0.5 percentage of water. It also has a hard property that does not crack with a single burden.
  3. Vinyl tiling stairs: These are highly versatile tiles and are friendly to your budget. It has waterproof and stain-resistance properties. It is easy to clean.
  4. Hardwood flooring stairs: It is elegant beauty tiles. It can bear large footed traffic without cracking. When you are fond of natural wood in your stairs, hardwood is the best option for your stairs. It is expensive tiles.

Do you want to increase the value of your home?

Tiling is the best way to increase the value of your home. Your property looks different when you are tiling stairs. It is good to remove the carpets from the stairs and use tiles. The quality of the tiles also affects the beauty. There is a large variety of designs, sizes, and materials used in tiling stairs.

Installing the tiles correctly is also very important.

Are granite tiles also good for stairs?

 When it comes to choosing tiles for your floors granite tiles are also a better option for stairs. Tiling stairs with granite gives you various choices with different colours and sizes. You can easily choose granite for tiling stairs according to your preference. Its price is lower than marble. You can easily afford it.

Tiling on wooden stairs

Do you have a question in your mind that tiling on the wooden stairs is good? Tiling the wooden stairs is possible. You will be amazed with the tiling performed on the wooden stairs. You can use tile on wooden stairs if they are solid, flat and on the level. Make sure that your wooden stairs are in good condition. It will bear the weight of tiles or not.

Tiles for outdoor and indoor stairs 

Outdoor and indoor tiling stairs have different sizes and shapes. Many people look only at the appearance of the outdoor tiles. It is the most common mistake. There is no doubt that outdoor tiles affect the appearance of the building. You also know the quality of tiles that increase their durability. Sandstone, granite and clinker tiles are commonly used for outdoor tiles. 

The inner appearance of the building depends on the indoor tiles and when you get stairs tiling it leaves a great impact. Ceramic and porcelain are used for indoor tiles.

Conclusion: Tilling stairs increases the beauty of the house. There are various tiles used for stairs, but you also know the quality and durability of tiles. This article will help you to get good tiles for your stairs. Tiles with non-slippery properties are the best tiles for stairs.

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