How To Stay Fashion Trendy During Pregnancy?

In case you have recently figured out that you might be pregnant, or if you have been pregnant for some time now, and your baby bump is also showing, congratulations! It is great news.

You must be feeling extremely excited about all the changes in your life. But there is still one thing that you cannot stop thinking about. Is it the clothes?

We have all been there. Your clothes don’t fit you anymore. And then there are so many events that you end up spending tons on your new wardrobe. But then, you will not need them forever. So, you may feel like it is a waste. But hey, we have something for you. It is pregnancy fashion.

Pregnancy Fashion Through The Ages

In the early medieval eras, women were expected to hide or conceal their baby bumps with heavy materials.

In the year 1595, the first-ever recorded maternity gown was made. It was inspired by the fashion of the age and was quite representative of the baroque style. The key feature of the gown was the empire waist. It also had folds under the waistline, and the fabric was kept loose and flowing to help with the growing bump.

Pregnancy or maternity corsets were a trend in the Victorian Age. It was made to conceal the baby bump and to make sure the feminine figure was maintained. It was more brutal than the modern-day pregnancy shapewear. It intended to minimize the appearance of the bump and was shockingly, also advised by the doctors!

The famous Giscard Maternity Corset had the convincing slogan “Better Babies” running around the market.

Even though there were a few women who wore the empire waist, maternity corsets were a trend that was prevalent even in the early 1900s.

From 1925 onwards, women heaved a sigh of relief as drop-waist dresses that gave space for the growing bump came into the fashion industry. Nursing tops were also worn. In the 1930s, women chose to wear separates instead of one-piece dresses. These were much loose on the belly.

They also started to sport small polka-dotted prints. This helped minimize the appearance of the bump. From heavier velvets, the fabric changed to lighter and more flowy materials. Shirt dresses became popular as well. This kind of outfit allowed the bump to grow without feeling trapped or restricted.

Queen Pregnancy Style

A-line dresses gained a lot of popularity in 1940 when Queen Elizabeth wore them while being pregnant with her son Prince Charles.

Pants came into pregnancy fashion in the 1950s as the capris became one of the signature styles of the decade. These were not like the modern-day pregnancy leggings. But more loosely fit.

Bohemian maxis were a must in the 70s for pregnant women. Anything that was worn had to be polyester. The stretchy material made them feel comfortable. Tiered maxis were also quite popular in the decade as they provided a feminine result along with concealing the bump.

In the year 1988, the first maternity denim was designed. “Travis Jeans,” as it was called, filled the void that was created with pregnancy in the life of women from the point of fashion.

The 90s were about loose denim and flowy maxi gowns. Being pregnant was celebrated. And the progress has just kept improving since then.

Pregnancy Fashion And Mental Health

Earlier, pregnant women used to dress up modestly. And by that, we mean that they did not experiment with their fashion or style. The moment they found out that they were expecting, they quickly transformed from their wild and happening fashion sense to regular maternity wear.

For sure, these maternity clothes were comfortable for pregnant women and safe for their babies. But that was not all. Days into their pregnancy, they would feel that they have lost a part of themselves. This is because much of our personality depends on the clothes that we wear.

When a pregnant woman stops wearing the clothes she did or stops carrying the style she carried before the pregnancy, they often feel like they have lost a part of themselves. They do not feel like the person they are. This often gives rise to anxiety and depression.

Times have changed. Nowadays, pregnancy fashion is one of the most happening trends in the world of social media. Celebrities like Rihanna, Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner are the epitome of pregnancy fashion trends at present. Their clothes consist of both fashionable and comfortable outfits.

What Should You Not Wear During Pregnancy?

Though it is true that you can wear anything and flaunt your curves when pregnant, there are certain things that are better to be avoided. Here are a few things that you should not wear when pregnant:

1. Tight Clothes

If your clothes are too tight, they can restrict the blood flow of your body. This means the growing bump will not get enough blood that is required for its development.

This can also lead to a lot of uncomfortable rashes, which can be too much to handle during pregnancy as you are already going through so many mood swings.

2. High Heels

Do not wear shoes that are too tight. And heels are a big no. With the extra weight that you gain during pregnancy, you will be hurting your ankle and foot if you choose to wear your favourite sky-high heels.

Your posture gets affected when you wear heels. Heels tend to put a lot of pressure on your lower backs. This will, in turn, affect your bump as it might increase in size.

Remember that your shoe size will increase during pregnancy because of all the hormonal changes. So, you may want to stick to flat shoes and keep your lovely heels for the future.

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Pregnancy Fashion Tips

These days, all thanks to social media, pregnancy fashion is in trend. The celebrities are quick to adapt to stay paparazzi ready anytime they are out for a walk. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind to be in the game:

1. Repurpose Your Clothes

If you think there are certain shirts that were too big for you to wear previously, now may be the best time to flaunt them. Wear your blazers over your sports bra. Play with the colours.

If you feel you cannot close the buttons of your shirt because of the bump, feel free to keep them open. Learn from celebrities like Rihanna.

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3. Go A Size Up

One thing that most women think when they are pregnant is that they have to change the way they dress. No, you do not have to do that. Simply up a size or two. Wear the things you love. Just make it a bit loose on the tummy.

3. Be Confident

Last but not least, make sure that you are confident enough. Although it is easier said than done, given the fact that you are aware of the changes happening to your body, if you are at peace with your own body and walk confidently in a room full of people, you will make heads turn.

Final Words

Staying fashionable and trendy while you are pregnant does not mean that you have to break the bank. You can do that by repurposing your old clothes. Be quick to stock up on some essentials. Make sure you have your belly band at arm’s reach, as it can get tough and painful at times.

If you are too conscious about your bump, you can choose to wear certain colors and certain prints that can minimize the size of your bump. Be confident with your body. And enjoy the time.

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