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Famous Weekend Picnic Spots in Delhi For Summers and Winters

Picnic Spots in Delhi

As soon as the weekends approach, a picnic in a beautiful location becomes a lifesaver in the midst of our daily grind. A weekend picnic can be beneficial and soothing for both your children and you. In this article, we’ve included a few picnic spots in Delhi where you can spend your weekends with your children with amazing holiday packages.

Deer Park, Hauz Khas

Deer-Park,-Hauz-Khas - A picnic Spot in Delhi

Deer Park in Hauz Khas is a must-see attraction for picnickers, joggers, and walkers alike. It’s a great place to photograph beautiful sunsets, a variety of birds, animals, ducks, and the Hauz Khas Fort. Aside from that, the park is large enough for youngsters to play in the attractive gardens, and the nearby Hauz Khas Lake makes it one of the wonderful picnic spots in Delhi for nature enthusiasts.

Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri

Nehru Park | A picnic Spot in Delhi

Nehru Park, one of the favourite picnic spots in Delhi is a beautifully designed and well-maintained garden that spans 85 acres. Here, you can listen to the symphony of multicoloured water fountains as the sunsets. In the winter, the park comes alive with native flowering plants and exotic species, giving it a European feel. The location is not only ideal for joggers, runners, and walkers, but it also includes beautiful gardens where you can spend quality time with your family.

Millennium Park, Sarai Kale Khan

Millenium Park | A picnic Spot in Delhi

Indraprastha Park, also known as Millennium Park, is a favourite weekend picnic spot for Delhites, which is located in the middle of the city. The eco-friendly park is well-kept and features a children’s playground, amphitheatre, and the white marble Shanti Stupa, which stands 30 feet tall. The presence of a Buddha statue adds to the area’s tranquillity and cheerfulness. 

Lodhi Garden, Lodhi Estate

Lodhi Gaqrden | A picnic Spot in Delhi

You’ve probably heard of Lodhi Parks, one of Delhi’s most well-known gardens and one of the popular picnic spots in Delhi for a weekend picnic. It’s worth visiting for the contrasting of bygone-era mausoleums against the lush greenery of the grounds, especially for morning and evening exercise—also it’s a fantastic location to hang out with friends or take your dogs for a stroll. Lodhi Garden is without a doubt one of Delhi’s top weekend picnic destinations for people of all ages.

Garden of Five Senses, Mehrauli

Garden-of-Five-Senses | A picnic Spot in Delhi

Garden of Five Senses is located in New Delhi’s Mehrauli historic neighbourhood. A 20-acre park which is first opened in 2003, become one of the top picnic areas in the city. Mughal Baghs, pools of water lilies, cascades of sparkling water, a solar energy park, an amphitheatre, and a massive yet attractive food court are just a few of the magnificent features that make this park ideal for a family picnic with amazing tour packages.

Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin

Sundar Nursery

Formerly known as Azim Bagh, the gardens, water features, antiquities, and biodiversity of Sunder Nursery are well-known. The park is home to around 15-17 historical landmarks, including

  • Six UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • 27,000 saplings
  • 4,500 trees
  • 100 bird species
  • 40 butterfly species
  • Two amphitheatres
  • A bonsai enclosure
  • A peafowl zone, and much more, making it an amazing place to spend time with family.

Buddha Jayanti Park, Dhaula Kuan


Buddha Jayanti Park is dedicated to the Buddha. A gorgeous park, which spans 81 acres, and is a joy to wander around. Here you will find lush green Kelkar, Jamun, and other plants that attract a variety of birds like

  • Woodpeckers
  • Barbets
  • Herons, and
  • Peacocks.

In addition, there is an island in the midst of an artificial lake with a stunning golden statue of Lord Buddha. The statue of Lord Buddha makes it a perfect place to spend your day.

Astha Kunj Park, East Kailash

Astha-Kunj-Park | A picnic spot in Delhi

Aastha Kunj Park is a 200-acre park in South East Delhi that is dotted with beautiful green meadows, floral plants, and green trees. This park is located on a hilltop with a panoramic view of the surrounding high rises and religious buildings. Inside, there’s an amphitheatre, well-paved paths, and ponds, and the huge, open garden makes this a great picnic site for families and kids.

Central Park, Cannaught Place


Central Park is a lovely lush park with flowing rivers, dazzling fountains, and great towering trees all around. It is located in the centre of Delhi in Connaught Place. The park is well-known for the amorous couples that visit it, but it is also popular with youngsters and people looking to unwind and rest after shopping at the nearby markets. The park boasts beautiful vistas and a peaceful atmosphere that you will appreciate.

Children Park, India Gate


Located in the centre of Delhi near India Gate, is a fantastic place for kids and one of the amazing picnic spots in Delhi to visit. The park features a great number of swings, well-kept lawns with blooming flowers, and other children’s activities:

  • Rope Bridge
  • Aquarium
  • Fountains
  • Children’s Library, and
  • Statues of cartoon characters such as Mowgli and friends.

All of these activities are fun for kids, making it a great place to have a picnic.

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