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Supply Checklist: Everything You Need to Paint a Room

Painting is such an enjoyable and entertaining task for any individual. Painting a room is the most fun way to spend any time wisely. Even if it is not a hobby of the person it can be performing because it is an easy task. A person will just need some old clothes, and throw them on the body, need some paint. Some old knickers needed so it does not unravel the room, some paint, brushes. And mainly a deep breath and finally starting the performance into the room.

Doing the paint of the room by yourself and not by painting services in Dubai is not cheap but sustainable as it makes you less lazy and helps you towards being active in a helpful way. The person needs to pop some jazz music up and listen and perform the art by all means that person wants. Like wow your room, your art and hence your choice of design that sounds so relaxing. 

  • Right Supplies for the Painting:

Before starting the main and fun part of the activity, the person will need to prepare the room that includes grooming the room so it is ready to be dolled up for the person to be used.

Some drilling, prepping walls, sanding, cleaning, and mainly patching holes is important before starting the painting of the room for which sand paper, spatula, solution for patching holes, and metal scraper is need to prim and proper up the room cleanly.


Firstly, for the painting of the room the person will need supplies before even starting the main performance that includes plastic cloth for protecting the furniture and floor therefore does not get dirty hence cloth’s need.


Secondly, for painting brush is important which is hard to choose. But in my opinion for different utilizations and ways of painting different brushes it is crucial to have it in the supplies as for instance angled brush is advisable and good hence to paint the corners of the room which is actually itself a difficult job with regular brush.  

Then 3 inch brush for painting of the border around the taped area. Again for painting the majority of the wall the person will need a roller brush that is used to paint the wall wholly without leaving trace and gaps. This brush also provides faster service to paint the large or small room. 


Thirdly, the main supply is the paint tray. It is need and is because the person will work in small portions to paint and it will also be useful in avoiding dripping of the extra paint from brushes which can dirt the different areas of the room.


The supplies that a person will need before starting to paint the room beautifully and those supplies need to be there or the person will rush towards the market and shop again and waste time for the things the person forgot to buy in time.


For painting, the foremost thing the person also that is used by dubai painting services will need will be the primer before starting to paint. Primer is crucial in the method as it is the first coat to be applying on the wall before the main colour is smears.  

The primer will be the new layer so the coat of the new colour of paint is applied pleasantly hence it makes a blank slip so that the new colour is smeared equally and is less messy so therefore less coat of colour is applying. Also many paint brands provide primer with the colour to be mix in it hence this method is less time consuming and is effective.


Then comes the right colour for the wall and the room. Either the person can use mainly one colour for the whole room to make it more simple and elegant or make it funkier and cool with more than one colour with contrasting effect like white or black colour can contrast with any other colour. As the right colour or colours is need for the painting hence first test the suitability of the colour then application of the paint. 

There are different paints that are useful for different purposes. Like matte colour is mainly use for ceilings that provides the matte and non-glossy finish to the surface. Also eggshell paints that have glossy finish to it hence are more suitable to high areas that welcome light to that surface and are the desirable places of the room. 

Semi-gloss paints are referring to areas that have windows, bannisters, staircase, or small surfaces. Hence semi-gloss paints are not referring to the wall surface but to little areas of the room.

In the end, put the gloves on, and old clothes when the person does not have painting clothes, then grab the rags, ladder, tools or toolbox. Also turn off the fan so it does not hinder the activity. Firstly start with ceiling mainly as it is a difficult job so start with the ceiling. Likewise grasp the paint gallon, give it a quick shake, open it, pour the paint in the new container, fill it and mix the colour decided.

At that time swim the brush into the paint hence also brush it on the ceiling. It will take work and patience to work on the ceiling hence start the work until done. Then once done with the ceiling, to paint the room snatch the roller and the container and pour the paints to mix and match colours for the room. Situate the roller and coat evenly then put the roller and give it equal strokes from the start to the end.

Then if the person also wants the different colour on the different wall then grab another paint match and diversify the colours according to the choice and take a new roller and paint that wall evenly and beautifully. At the end of the paint, give it time to dry it down thus it does not get destroyed as it is not done by dubai painting services. 

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