Dubai Desert safari, Safari with 4×4 drive and BBQ

Dubai is known for its luxury shopping, modern architecture, vibrant nightlife and seemingly endless deserts. Without experiencing the excitement, adventure and unique sand rides known as Desert Safari Dubai, discovering Dubai is incomplete and fun.

A 6-hour safari in the Dubai desert brings this excitement to your door; we will pick you up from your hotel or accommodate you and take you about 40 kilometers from the city center to the desert area of ​​Al-Lahbab, where you will take a picture with the Arabian Falcon, 20 minutes on an ATV and then our skills. Banging in the dunes will take you to new heights of excitement and adventure.

A morning desert safari in Dubai is a great way to explore the city. That safari booking is a matter of course on a trip to Dubai. Getting to and from Dubai is easy and convenient with all our travel options. Just choose what desert adventure you want to visit. This list includes everything from camel trekking to hot air balloon rides. Although most of them are about fun, there are also opportunities for relaxation. Here are some of the best safaris in the Dubai desert that you can walk through early in the morning.

Desert safari with BBQ dinner

During your trip to Dubai, you can go on a desert safari, which is a combination of various activities and unique experiences. Tourists love the desert safari, which includes BBQ food. If you have a free night and want to do something exciting, go on the best desert safari. A barbecue dinner at one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubai is a great way to end your trip to the city of Dubai.

At three o’clock in the afternoon you must leave the hotel and go on a desert safari at night. The ride will take you through the desert to the campsite, where you will spend the night. When we arrive at the camp, we go by car. Then you can sandboard and ride a camel.

When you eat, you will receive a hookah, cups of Arabic coffee called “Kahwa” and Arabian dates, and a grilled dinner that will clear your mind. Hot belly dancers will also be on display at the Dubai Desert Safari. You can sit by the campfire while drinking Kahwa.

Desert safari 4×4

Dubai City is a sensory harassment and there are many activities in Dubai. Traveling to Dubai is not complete unless you go on a desert safari at least once. You don’t have to go on a safari just to ride on the sand. There is much more to it. The whole process can take 5 to 6 hours. Other activities are available in the desert festival area, including camel rides, solo quad biking in the sand, henna tattoos and professional belly dancing. Take pictures of sand mountains. There are some very good photo opportunities.

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Desert safari hot air balloon

A hot air balloon ride at the early breakfast will give you a clear view of the sunrise illuminating the seven mountains. While Dubai offers a variety of desert safari trips, only one flies and provides a bird’s eye view of the desert. If you are a sun enthusiast, book an evening safari to watch Arabian gazelles and Oryxes in their natural habitat.

Air safari: a 60-minute drive around the island takes about 24 people at a time. Pilot: A professional pilot controls a balloon flying over the desert. Guide: Talks about the past and present in Dubai. If you land, you can do a lot of things in the desert. One of them takes a picture while the UAE national bird, the falcon, is in one of your arms. On this balloon safari, you can also choose to spend the night and have a gourmet breakfast in the morning. For More Click Here

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