How to Sign Up on Discord? – Read Useful Info Here!

You might have heard about the well-known communication-based platform known as Discord. The application permits a considerable number of individuals to interact and communicate effectively with each other, that too with the comfort of staying wherever you like! 

However, if you wish to use such premium services, you must sign up at Discord first. Once you create a Discord account, you will be able to use Discord from your preferred web browser and start looking for communities with similar interests as yours. We will cover the following aspects in this article:  

  • Introduction to Discord Signup 
  • Creating a Discord Account 
  • Adjusting Discord Friends List 
  • Connecting to a Discord Server 
  • And the Conclusion.  

Introduction to Discord Signup 

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As mentioned earlier, Discord is a popularly used platform for promoting effective interactions between individuals with the comfort of staying at your home. Once you sign up for an account on Discord, you can conveniently join your desirable community based on your interests.  

Once you join your preferred community, you can also customize the notifying activities in those particular communities so that you stay up-to-date at all times. While the entire signing-up process is straightforward, let us explain the entire process to you in a simple manner.  

Creating a Discord Account 

One can create an account at Discord and get started with Discord login by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, visit the official platform of Discord by searching  
  • Click on ‘Open Discord’ from your browser’s display screen.  
  • Enter an appropriate username and click on the displayed arrow to continue.  
  • You will have to deal with the displayed captcha after that.  
  • Next, a pop-up will appear, thus giving you the option to ‘Get Started’ by creating a new server.  
  • To skip ahead and finish creating an account, click on the ‘Skip’ option.  
  • Then, you will be asked by Discord to secure and claim your account by providing them with a reliable email address and password. Once done, you can tap on ‘Claim Account.’ 
  • This will provide you with a download link to install and launch the Discord application. However, you can tap on ‘X’ and skip this option.  
  • To end this account creation process, use your Discord login to verify your newly created account on Discord. 

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Adjusting Discord Friend’s list 

While most users enjoy interacting through Discord servers, one can also create a Discord friend’s list or contact list. This will enable you to communicate with other users via voice calls, video calls, and direct messages.  

  • To add a user as a friend on Discord, press the ‘Add Friend’ button that can be seen at the top of the Home Page on the Discord platform. 
  • Then, you will be asked to enter an appropriate username. Remember that this username should be in accordance with the Discord Tag of the user you wish to add as a friend.  
  • The Discord tag is usually a hashtag symbol with a series of digits and can be collected from the bottom left corner of the platform’s interface.  
  • You can tap on ‘Send Friend Request’ once you have entered the Tag number of the user you wish to add on Discord.  
  • Once the other user receives your friend request, they will automatically appear on your Discord friend’s list.  

Connecting to a Discord Server 

Discord communities usually comprise distinct servers, so you must select the one that best suits your interests. After locating a community based on your likings, it would be best to join a suitable server. Nevertheless, consider following the below-mentioned steps to proceed.  

  • Press the ‘Magnifying Lens’ symbol to start looking for good servers.  
  • This task can be made less complicated by searching servers from the text field and clicking on the ‘enter’ key.  
  • The search engine will then display appropriate servers based on your search. To view the servers from the home page, click on ‘View.’ 
  • Once you have found your desired server, feel free to join it by tapping on the ‘Join Server’ option from the bottom of the home page.  
  • You will now be displayed with an icon on the left side of your Discord home page that will represent the new server for quick access.  
  • At any point, if you wish to leave the server, you can do it by right-clicking on the server icon and clicking on ‘Leave Server.’ You will be prompted to reconsider your decision. After clicking on ‘Leave Server’ again, you would be good to go!  

The Bottom Line 

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We hope that after consulting this guide, you will be clear on the complete instructions for Discord signup. We cannot deny the significance of this platform in the current era, particularly for communication purposes. Isn’t it so? 

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