How to Convert Multiple PNG to PDF Format?

GlobalbloggingIn this article, we will discuss how to convert multiple PNG to PDF format. So, in this write-up we will look into different manual and automated methods which convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10, 8, and 7.

If you want to send multiple PNG images through mail then first you need to convert the multiple PNG files into PDF file format. PNG images files are large in size and can have trouble while sending them.

Here, we are going to look for two different methods (manual & automated methods) step by step to carry out the conversion tasks with difficulties.

Batch Converting PNG File into PDF Format Manually?

Following are steps to perform the manual method to convert an image into PDF file format:-

  • Firstly, choose a PNG image and press the right-click and select the “Print” option from the menu.
  • Now, choose the MS Print to PDF file option as the printer and click on the “Print” button
  • The other dialog box will shown where you can enter the File name and process the file location
  • Finally, save the PDF file into the desired location.

Limitations For Manual Method

There are many limitations and challenges face by the users while using the manual method to convert PNG to PDF file:-

  • Manual method does not provide the option to see the PDF page margin and other various useful options.
  • This method is a time taking process and has a high risk of data deletion during the multiple conversion process.
  • Therefore, users cannot convert multiple PNG files into PDF documents. And, users have to repeat the same process over and over.
  • Manually it affects the quality and properties of the PNG images.

So, these are the limitations that can occur during the task to change PNG to PDF file. But don’t need to worry, in the next section, we will suggest an automated solution that overcomes all the drawbacks of the manual methods.

How to Convert Multiple PNG to PDF File Format? – Automated Solution

SysTools Image Converter is the absolute perfect method for converting multiple PNG files into PDF format with ease. This tool can execute the PNG conversion operation without losing the image quality in bulk.

This utility allows users to set the page size, margin, and page orientation. PNG file to PDF document converter which supports MS Windows version 10, 8, and 7 and other versions.

Working Process of the Software Step by Step

Follow these steps to complete your conversion procedure easy and simple without facing any hassle or data loss:-

  1. Download and run the software on your local system.
  2. Now, Add Files and Folders by clicking on the “Add File” and “Add Folders” Option
  3. Then, user can use the “Move Up” and “Move Down” option to arrange the require image
  4. Click on “Change” button to set the desired location of the images
  5. After that, software will display you the preview to added images
  6. Select the “PDF” option from the Export file format options
  7. Then, select the other PDF file settings option as per your requirements
  8. Now, click on the “Convert” button to change the PNG to PDF format
  9. Finally, the conversion process of the tool will display a message “Image Converted successfully”. Hit on the OK button to complete the task.

So, this is how we have completed the conversion process of converting multiple PNG to PDF file format using software in a very simple and easy manner. Now, below it has some benefits for the tool.

Major Features & Benefits for the Tool

Convert Multiple PNG Files to PDF: It allows users to change PNG to PDF files in bulk. It is very simple for users to select the Add File/ Add Folders option to insert the many images and can convert them into the PDF in a single click.

Create Single PDF Files or Multiple PDF Documents: This software has two different options to save the converted files:

  • Generate PDF File Form Each PNG Image: Create a single file for each PNG image to be converted.
  • Generate Single File For All Image: To create one file to store all the images.
  • Change Page Layout Settings: It is a perfect software which has three settings to customize your data.

    • Margin: User can set left, the top, right, and the down margin of the page from the size of 2mm to 10mm.
    • Page Orientation: Select the Portrait or Landscape mode of the exported file.
    • Page Size: Change the size of the page which is normally A4 to change it as required.

    Change Order of PNG Images: This tool allows users to change the order of multiple images.

    • Move Up: It has an option to move the required file up one by one.
    • Move Down: To change the order by moving the file down.

    Author Suggestion

    In this blog, we have discussed how to convert multiple PNG to PDF Format? Manual & Automated methods will help you in converting PNG files into PDF file format easily. Manual method has its own limitations and time-consuming process. But, an automated solution is an easy and quick process for the conversion of PNG to PDF format without facing any hassle. So, choose as per your requirements.

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