Most Commonly Used Sauces in Pakistan for Special Events

Asian countries hold a unique and distinct identity because of their values, traditions, cultures, and feasts.  

Pakistan’s colorful and delicious food items are famous not only in Asia but all over the world.

Delicious foods presenting the different regions, traditions, and cultural values are equally popular among young, old, and youth. From meat, vegetables, pulses, and a variety of rice items to fried foods and sweets, each has its unique color, flavor, and aroma. Spices, herbs, and sauces play a key role to cook spicy, delicious, and appetizing food items.

You cannot neglect the taste-boosting ability of sauces. Ketchup, coriander sauce, chipotle sauce, and garlic sauce are some of the top sauces that everyone loves to use to explore new tastes and flavors in their regular meals. During cooking, a slight touch of various sauces produces a unique flavor and mouth-watering aroma.

On this note, let’s take a look at the list of some commonly used sauces in Pakistan:

Tamarind Sauce 

This sweet and sour sauce is a must-have ingredient in every kitchen. It goes well as a dipping sauce and topping for numerous cuisines. You can use it at every event including Aftar parties, picnics, and get-togethers with fritters, fries, and chicken items. This sauce is used in different types of wraps, and chaat’s to produce a traditional sour taste. It is available in the market at a very reasonable price.  Most people prefer to make it at home as it’s easy to make.

Take Tamarind concentrate in a pan, and add water,  some sugar, a pinch of salt, and black pepper. Cook it for 10 minutes over medium flame heat. stir to remove seeds. Save the sauce in a dry jar after cooling at room temperature. 

Garlic Chili Sauce 

This unique garlic-flavored sauce is used to serve different food items at special events. It presents a traditional touch. People used this sauce in traditional dishes from ancient times.

Garlic chili sauce is used to make various other sauces like pizza sauce. This sauce is present at every grocery store at an affordable price.

To enjoy the freshly homemade sauce use three simple ingredients. Take red chilies, garlic, and salt. Add some water and blend gently to get a smooth paste. Store it in the refrigerator and enjoy it for one week.

Yogurt Sauce 

It is a healthy and most commonly used sauce almost at every event.  Mostly people used it with rice or any other food items. The procedure to make this sauce at home is extremely simple. It requires only five minutes.

You can vary the ingredients according to your choice and taste. To prepare a simple yogurt sauce. To make the yogurt sauce at home, take 2-3 cups of yogurt. Add green chili paste and mix it well. Add some salt for taste and enjoy this fresh, yummy yogurt sauce. Some people also used boiled vegetables, and cream to get a thick consistency. 


How we can forget the universal tomato sauce. It brings a lot of innovation in flavors in combination with other sauces.   From fritters to fries, and pizza, every fast food gives the perfect feel of taste when you dip it in ketchup. It is the best ingredient to marinate the chicken, meat, and veggies. Ketchup is also an important ingredient in other sauces. 

A wide range of recipes to prepare this sauce at home are available on the Internet. You can purchase ready-made ketchup from any grocery store.

Coriander Sauce

It is a traditional sauce and a compulsory ingredient in every kitchen. The unique flavor and appealing aroma of the coriander make it very prominent among other sauces. Coriander sauce is a crucial ingredient in various sauces, wraps, and toppings. A touch of coriander sauce in fried chicken, pasta, or spaghetti is an ultimate pleasure for spice craving souls. To prepare this flavorful sauce take coriander leaves, green chilies, salt, and a little water. Blend it to get a smooth paste. Stored in a dry and airtight bottle.

To experience a perfect, delicious, and flavorful feast, try these savory sauces at least once.

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