Common Kinds of Custom Boxes Different types for businesses

Companies and brands use boxes for various purposes and come in a variety of styles and styles.

We at YBY Packaging, we provide various kinds of corrugated boxes that are suitable for various purposes like manufacturing companies,

manufacturers of electronic commerce, subscription boxes, businesses and advertising agencies,

in order to create the finest high-quality product for our clients.

We can design an individual box that is perfect for your company that will protect your product better than

size boxes using our manufacturing designs and technologies.

Find out about the various varieties of corrugated containers available and which one is suitable for your business below.

Different types of boxes for businesses

the needs of a company’s shipping require greater strength, and more bulk-friendly alternatives than the ones used for residential packaging or shipping.

The majority of companies that ship or distribute products have at least one of the following types of boxes:


This makes them a wide and durable choice for shipping that is also recyclable.


or custom-printed designs and are among the most cost-effective methods of shipping that are available.

When they are disassembled then laid out flat they are able to effortlessly store them and arrange the boxes.

Rigid: Rigid box types provide the most luxurious experience to the user over other types of boxes because of their sleek,

sturdy style that lends itself to the appearance.

The recipient opens a box similar to a shoe box or a container with a smartphone inside -and their attention is on the item.

They’re a common choice for fragile and costly items .


Boxes that fold: These boxes, also known as cartons are lighter, thinner boxes,

without the layers that corrugated boxes provide however they offer just as many options.

You’re likely to be familiar with boxes that fold when you’ve purchased lipstick tubes or a frozen box of food items from the store.


branded logos that you receive with takeaway fry rice.


They are light in weight, making them convenient to store and transport.


mailbox envelopes as well as mailer containers.

Mailer envelopes are large padding shipping envelopes that are ideal to move fragile or lightweight papers.

Mailer boxes, particularly C-series mailer boxes, feature self-locking folds that opens as pizza boxes

What makes yby Packaging unique is the ability to personalize every piece of a box and include your business logo.

The boxes we customize are available in many choices, including RS C packaging boxes for shipping, C series malingers, and the end-loading boxes.

REC Shipping Boxes.


that have flaps that can be folded and closed using staples, shipping tape and similar glues.

They’re a popular option for shipping products, particularly when they are in large quantities.


thinking of RS C packaging boxes for shipping boxes

Although they’re suitable for transport but you might want to not stack these boxes once put together us


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