How Christopher Laird’s unveils his third book, “ORIGINS 3: The Children Of Mykia” with an authentic fiction flavor

Nobody else has the same vision of the world as authors do, and no one else has the ability to tell the stories that they share. Christopher Laird is a science fiction writer who has worked hard enough to no longer require an introduction.

The two books he has written before The Origins of Eternity. Reign Of Xona have already left an impression on readers through the story’s essence that have brought a tingle of joy to their hearts. He is among the authors who will be remembered and leave a mark that cannot be erased from the pages of history.

After two novels that were a hit and a bestselling movie, he is launching his third novel, ORIGINS 3 the Children Of Mykia in November 2020. The story centers around a character named Xona who is possessed of godlike abilities derived from a mysterious particle.

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The story centers around her, and they continue to work to find a solution to their issues. OR do they really think that negotiating with the most wanted female in the Universe is it really going to be successful?

Christopher Laird

Similar to Christopher Laird‘s prior fiction novels, ORIGINS 3 is a representation of a woman who is gifted with supernatural powers, but this time, it focuses on the complex contradictions of two individuals. “When you’re writing about an character that isn’t you The least you can do is to respect the identity to ensure that it’s exactly right” Laird says of the research he conducted to create and write the primary protagonist.” I am aware of the fact is part of the process. If you’re going to write this, you must think through the eyes of the reader”.

Since his very first book, things weren’t simple for him. He states that “I prefer earning it. It helps me feel more grateful for it. An alumni of Wayne State University, Laird is currently enrolled in Harvard University to further deepen his knowledge and understand the people around him a bit more.

Many people are familiar with you, but only some who comprehend the way you think. Laird is a writer who believes when the roots are strong there’s no reason to be afraid of the wind.


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