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Billionaire Mexican businessman and entrepreneur Carlos Slik is also a well-known philanthropist. Carlos Slik is a member of the Slik family. Over the last several years, Forbes magazine has consistently ranked him as the wealthiest man. Currently, he owns or controls over 200 enterprises across a wide range of sectors.

About Carlos Slik 

Carlos slik

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Carlos Slik, a Mexican businessman, and philanthropist born on January 28, 1940, is remembered for his generosity and achievement. His exemplary efforts have shown him to be a deserving recipient of commendation. He was the wealthiest person in each of Forbes’ annual rankings from 2010 to 2013. 

Grupo Carso, the Mexican conglomerate he founded, has a significant stake in several Mexican corporations. As a result, he has achieved considerable financial success. In 2022, his net worth is expected to rise to $78 billion, making him the 12th wealthiest person on the planet. He became Latin America’s richest man due to his commercial acumen.

In addition to real estate, education, transportation, and healthcare, Slik’s organization has a significant presence in many other sectors in Mexico. Many sectors, including the media, energy, hotels, hospitality, and the entertainment industry, have a substantial stake in Slik’s commercial empire.

The country’s wealthiest man directly or indirectly controls forty percent of Mexico’s publicly traded enterprises. He’s been the firm’s most crucial shareholder since 2016 when he started working there.

Business career of Carlos Slik 

Carlos Slik worked 14-hour days as a stock trader in 1961. Slik launched Inversora Bursátil with $400,000. Grupo Carso grew financially. 1965: He purchased Jarritos del Sur. Inmuebles Carso is now $40 million.

Construction materials, soft drinks, and even real estate and mining were Slik’s earliest ventures. Grupo Inbursa’s principal concentration is on investment management and insurance. His commercial acumen allowed him to expand across Mexico. In 1972, one of his seven businesses was renting out construction equipment. Founded by Galás, Grupo Galas, is a multi-faceted company that includes manufacturing, construction, retail, and mining businesses. It was Galás that came up with the idea for Grupo Galas.

1982: Mexico’s economy crashed. Carlos Slik bought historic enterprises at reduced prices after banks faltered and outside investors withdrew. Slik may benefit from a new business, and he liked it. Slim’s firm is recession-proof.

Slik backed Mexico before 1985. Members include Frisco, Reynolds, Compare, and Bimex (a hotel network). Sanborn Hermanos acquired it. In 1984, Carlos Slik merged Seguros de México and Inbursa. Four Seguros spinoffs generated $1.5 billion in 2007. He bought 40% of BAT’s and Hershey’s Mexican companies. Denny’s and Firestone were favorites. Seguros de Mexico, Fianzas La Guardiana, and Casa de Bolsa Inbursa form Grup Financiero Inbursa. During the 1980s Mexican economic crisis, Cigatam acquired certain products. In 1988, Carlos Slik bought a copper plant and chemical firm.

Mexico’s telecom privatization benefited Slim. Grupo Carso bought Telmex. Grupo Carso debuted in 1990. Grupo Carso bought Porcelanite in 1990. Slik and France Télécom purchased Telmex in 1990. Slim’s riches grew via Telmex’s cash flows and sales. Telcel handled 80% of mobile phones in 2006.

In 1993, he bought Hoteles Calinda, General Tire, and Grupo Aluminio. Carso Global Telecom, Grupo, and Invercorporación established in 1996. Next year, Slikbought Sears Mexico. 1999 marked Slik’s global growth. He examined American investments.

Carlos Slik bought bankrupt Spanish companies and investigated European acquisitions in March 2015. Slik’s Inmobiliaria Carso will buy Banked shares. This follows Slik’s purchase of Spanish real estate company Realia, where he owns 25%, following Fomento de Construcciones Contratas.

Oil and gas company Carso Oil & Gas has been under Slik’s leadership since founded on April 15, 2015. The company’s 17.7 million registered shares are worth $230 million in today’s market. According to Slik, Mexico’s oil and gas industry is poised for significant expansion. Slim’s Investment Company invested in Matchative on July 25, 2015. Hedge fund managers may become limited partners with only $15,000 of their own money. 

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The total wealth of Carlos Slik

Slik overtook Warren Buffett on March 29, 2007. 8/4/07 WSJ featured Slim. He’s richer than Bill Gates even if he abandons public enterprises. Slik claims Alvin Toffler identified financial prospects.

Slik surpassed Gates on August 8, 2007, according to Fortune. Slik’s wealth rose to $59 billion by July’s end. Gates had $58b. After Warren Buffett and before Bill Gates, Forbes placed Slik second in 2008. Forbes placed Slik third in 2009, above Larry Ellison.

On March 10, 2010, Forbes claimed that Slik had again surpassed Gates. They each have $53 billion—the Mexican winner. Non-American wins after 16 years. First emerging country to top the list. Slik’s wealth quadrupled between 2008 to 2010.

Slik was worth $74 billion in March 2011. Carlos Slik Hel was ranked the world’s wealthiest in 2012 by Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Forbes estimates Slik’s net Fortune at $73 billion. Bloomberg L.P. ranked Slik second in 2013 after Bill Gates.

Forbes named Slik the world’s richest on July 15, 2014. Slik topped Forbes’ 2014 billionaire list with $81.6 billion. 2016 valuation: $48.1 billion. $54.5 billion. 2019: $58.1 billion. $53.7 billion in 2020. Forbes predicts he’ll be worth $73.3 billion in 2021.

Where does Carlos Slik keep his money?

Grupo Carso has Mexican companies. Carso owns real estate, aircraft, media, technology, commerce, restaurants, industrial production, and banking. By 2021, Grupo Carso is $5.5 billion. Banco Inbursa is in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia.

He oversees Saks, Sears, and the Coffee Factory and owns 20 malls, 10 in Mexico City. 2010: Carlos Slik acquired Duke Semans’ house. Twelve bedrooms and 14 bathrooms are in the 19,000-square-foot, 8-story mansion. Slik increased his investment five years ago.

Carlos Slik bought an 11-story Fifth Avenue office building and part of the NYT building for $140 million. He owns eight acres near Wilshire and Santa Monica. Carlos Slik drives a Mercedes 4×4 and Chevy Suburban about Mexico City, and he likes Telmex flights. Carlos Slik’s kids got stock; his enterprises replaced cash. This will ensure Slik’s wealth after his death.


Carlos slik

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Carlos Slik Hel has a diverse portfolio, including financial assets, real estate, and art collections, almost ensuring that he will gain a significant amount more money over the next several years. Financial assets, real estate, and art collections are all components of a diversified portfolio.

It is also feasible that the charity work he undertook in Mexico and Latin America would be the aspect of his legacy that is judged to be the most significant by future generations. This would be the case if Mexico and Latin America were his primary focus areas.

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