Affordable Camera Repair Service in USA

Camera Repair

If you’re looking for a quality camera repair service in the United States, there are several places you can visit. You can get your camera fixed at one of these locations, or you can even buy a new camera! Read on to learn about some of the top options. You can also find a repairman for your specific make and model, from Brooklyn Film  camera repair to Photo Tech. Photo Tech’s repair department has technicians who are authorized by Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Sigma, and more.

Our company offer a variety of services for large format, 35mm, and digital cameras. In addition to repairs, we also offer fabrication and customizing services. Visit our online shop to learn more about our services.Our  Camera repair service is available 24/7.

Repair Of Vintage Cameras

Founded by a team of film lovers,our company is a premier destination for all things analog and Polaroid. From vintage Polaroid cameras to accessories,our company has it all. We specialize in the reconditioning and repair of vintage cameras, as well as Polaroid instant cameras. We also offers workshops and a customizing service for Polaroid cameras.

The BFC team of repair technicians is train and certified to work with many types of film cameras. One technician was certified to repair Polaroid cameras, which were produced forty-five years ago. Many of these cameras have develope mechanical problems due to decades of disuse. BFC can repair any of these cameras and provide a one-year warranty. The estimate cost of a repair is $180 to $275. Out-of-stock items will be list in the prices for historical purposes only.

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Camera Repair Service

A reputable camera repair service in New York City is the Photo Tech camera repair service. It has been operating since 1958, and is base right next door to B&H. It is own by Frank, Michael, and Paul Naraine. This is one of the busiest camera repair services in New York City, with brisk business from both working pros and tourists. The company employs authorize repair technicians for Canon.

Our company has invest over $1 million in advance equipment and training in order to meet the high standards of quality repair service. The team of technicians at Photo Tech are train and equipped to deal with all kinds of camera and lens problems. They perform auto focus and exposure sensor calibration, as well as cleaning and maintenance. In a matter of five days, my Nikon D90 and lenses were back in top shape. Photo Tech has an excellent reputation for fixing the most difficult cameras and lenses.

Chrysler Camera

If you’ve been looking for a Chrysler camera repair service, you’ve come to the right place. Locate in New York City, Chrysler Camera Repair Corp. operates primarily in the Camera Repair Shop and Miscellaneous Repair Services industry. This local, minority-own company has been in business for 20 years and employs 7 people in one location. They specialize in camera repair, including repairs for Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, and Sigma.

Many of the automakers offer camera repair services for both domestic and foreign models. A great place to find a service is a local dealership. If you live near a Chrysler dealership, you can use their online service to locate a nearby shop. A few other places to find a great camera repair service are University Auto Center in Hollywood and Frankencamera in Madison, Wisconsin. All three offer quality service for most camera brands.

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DAG Camera Parts

DAG Camera Parts in USA specializes in repairs for Minox and Leica cameras. In addition lens restoration, the company also offers light meter repairs. You can drop off your camera with them and get it fixed right away. DAG Camera Parts has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the few in the country to specialize in these brands. Their highly skilled technicians are able to quickly diagnose and repair camera parts for Leica, Minox, and other brands of cameras.

DAG Parts is a service in USA that specializes in parts and accessories. They are located in Madison, Wisconsin. Eric Henderson has been servicing Pentax cameras since 1969 .MCVR also offers a wide selection of used film cameras. Lastly, Dean’s Photographica is a good choice for repairing older film cameras, and they can also replace leather coverings on many types of cameras.

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