Role Of Bone Holding Forceps In Orthopedic Surgeries

The bone holding forceps are common orthopedic surgical instruments for different bone fracture fixation surgeries. Their structure enables them to perform efficiently in different bone surgeries so that it gets easy for both the patients and the surgeons. These specific forceps have many surgical applications in the field of orthopedic surgeries, which includes dealing with the bones and the surrounding tissues. In the case of a bone fracture, the medical technique of internal fixation is among the typically implemented strategies to fix the bones with the help of orthopedic instruments. When a surgeon finishes bringing the one broken part of the bone in the same position as the other part, then he can combine the two by using screws and plates like metallic objects so that both the parts remain in a firm position in the longer term. 


Major Types Of Bone Holding Forceps 

There are some of the notable types of forceps such as:

  • Bishop Bone Forceps With Ratchet

These particular forceps work on the bony parts. During a bone surgery, these forceps manage the bony parts, which can be compromised. The main counterparts of these forceps include a ratchet mechanism, blades, and jaws. The jaws provides convenient uplifting of the structures like sensitive tissues. The blades work actively to reach constricted and short bones, which are located in a tight space. The ratchet system gives firm hold on the entire tool to the surgeon. These counterparts work in a harmonized manner to complete the surgical procedure in a successful way. 

  • Bone Fragment Clamp

As the name shows, this clamp has a major role in keeping the bone parts together during surgical tasks. The bony parts can be highly dangerous to the adjacent muscles, tissues, and organs if left untreated or overlooked, which is why a bone clamp is required to bring out pointy and sharp bone parts from the cavity. Some bones are short or either are present in restricted areas of the body. Due to this reason, surgeons use these clamps to get an approach to such areas and work conveniently with these clamps. Manufacturers design it with high quality material such as stainless steel, which gives them many features like corrosion resistance, low requirement of maintenance, lightweight, and a heavy-duty body. 

  • Bone Fragment Forceps

These forceps work on long bones like the femur. They can easily take out or deal with the bony parts in various kinds of surgeries. Their structure allows them to grab the long and clumsy bones in an efficient manner to not complicate the surgery. The saw-toothed appearance of the jaws of these forceps increases their ability to grab heavy bones. The steel body gives them protection against rusting and mechanical wear as well. 

Notable Features of Bone Holding Forceps 

There are many important features of the forceps such as:

  • These forceps can easily bring the bones in one position when required. 
  • Surgeons use these forceps to remove the part of the broken bone if it is needed. 
  • These forceps come in many variations; each of them is suitable to perform a specific bone-related surgical activity. 
  • The ribbed pattern on the jaws of such forceps helps in different manners such as it helps to firmly grab bones of all sizes easily. 
  • The ratchet system provides extra control on the entire tool during the surgery. 

The forceps of all kinds are important because they can be useful for multiple surgical tasks. It performs many tasks such as bringing the bones and tissues to a fixed place, maneuvering the needles through and around the wounds, and uplifting a decayed tooth in the field of dentistry. All the surgical tasks such as  uplifting the anatomical structures can be done with the help of forceps in a trouble-free manner. 

Wrap Up

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