Best Guide For Kedarnath Yatra


There are many treks in India whether it’s in snowy areas or western ghats treks all are the best. There are many trekkers in Uttarakhand which are known for their views and comfort during the trail .But there are few religious trekkes and in that list Kedarnath treks is one the top. At the top of Kedarnath trek there is a holy temple which makes the trek or yatra more reasonable to do. In the trail of the trek there are many magnificent views and relaxing, calming effects.     

Important Facts about Kedarnath Trek 

The Kedarnath trek is 16km in total and also the same distance away from the holy Kedarnath temple. The maximum altitude of this trek is 12,500 ft. It’s not an easy type of trek as there are many steep hills and this trek is in the Himalayan region of India which makes it more difficult for people of different ages. Many people do this trek for fulfilling religious needs and to visit the Kedarnath temple, and many for exploration of the Great Himalayan region of India. The whole trek has many tricky and up-down parts all over the trail. But at every moment and sight of the trail gives a fantastic view of all around. Whether it’s the starting of a trail right from the base camp or early hours of the trek gives an unlimited excitement. Also after the trek is complete the feeling of accomplishment and happiness is something that many trekkers can’t define. 

Distribution of Kedarnath Trek And Distance 

The main pick-up point for Kedarnath trek is from Gaichawan Gaon and the journey starts from there and it takes many days to reach the Kedarnath temple. Till the reaching time the altitude of trek can go upto 12,500ft. Here is the main distribution and timings of the trek.

  • Day 1:-(pick-up) Gaichawan Gaon

    This is the starting point for pick-up of the trek. The total distance of the trek is 200km and it takes a total 10-11 hours to reach the next point. The trainl covers Mori and Puralo region which has beautiful valleys and also mountainous forest. Around 30 min after the trek led to the Sankri region. In this area there are many guest houses. The whole region is covered with forest and tons of trivers. 


  • Day 2:-Gaichawan Gaon to Julota

    The maximum altitude during trek can go upto 5,571ft to 8,924ft and it takes 5.5hrs to complete the trek.  It’s a moderate type of trekking but there are some parts where the steepness can go low.  There are many villages across the trek and trail inside some of the light forest part. After some time many can see amidst pines and oaks also. After crossing the Gainkaka region the next stop is Julota Campsite.


  • Day 3:-Julota to Pukhrola

    This one is a short trail as compared to others and it takes 3.5 hours to complete it also. It’s an easy trail but it’s steeper,  the terrain is an undulated and also mixed trek. The altitude can go upto 2,000ft. Again this trail conati many forest areas and opens the jungle view of Mowru Ka Thatch area. After crossing this area there are many streams and also Rhododendron trees are seen. At the end of this section Kedarnath temple can be seen. 


  • Day 4:-Pukhrola to Akhoti Thatch (Kedarnath Summit)

      This trail is 7 to 8 hours long. This trek can go easy to moderate as there are some places where the trail can go stepper ascent. The route of this trek can also be in zig-zag. During this section many mountain ranges and valleys can be seen from far away. In this section Kedarnath temple has come in that there are many beautiful sites and many religious vibes. 


  • Day 5:-Akhoti Thatch to Gaichawan Gaon

    After visiting the Kedarnath temple it’s time to know where the trekkers have come from. The trail is all the same. Again the Rhododendron forest, oak can be seen. And also many old hunts and villages are in the way.    

Best Time To Visit 

During the summer season, April to June is the best time to visit Kedarnath. As the place is a little bit warmer and ideal for trekking. If visited in the winter time there might be a chance for heavy snowfall which can also cause hurricanes also. And monsoon season can cause heavy rains and floods. And also the Wildlife sanctuary is closed at that time because of which trekking is not allowed at that time outside that fram. 


Kedarnath is counted as the most beautiful and adventurous trekking destination. As the trail has many different and unique places or sites. There are many valleys, mountain ranges and different small towns in the route.  The whole trek is of 5-6 days and has many different sites and towns to visit.   

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