AOL Mailbox Unavailable? Here is the Fix for It.

In this blog we are going to see the fixes which the users can try when they are dealing with the problem of AOL mailbox unavailable as this is not a simple problem which could be solve just be restarting your device. So, we will suggest our users to have a close look at the ways we are going to provide you to fix this issue.

Ways to Fix AOL Mail Inbox Not Available –

1. Confirming the Status of AOL Server

The most obvious suspect of AOL unavailable problem is issues with the AOL server. For this the users need to check the AOL server status on other websites like down detector, outrage report and other to ensure whether the issue is with the AOL server or not.

If you have confirmed that the AOL server is down then there is nothing you can do but wait. You need to wait till the issue has been fixed from the other end then only you will be able to use AOL mail again.

2. Changing DNS Server Configuration

  • Move to the control panel tab of your device and then from there press on network and internet.
  • Now, select network and sharing centre followed by the option of change adapter.
  • Arrange the specific connections by pressing right click on the option of properties.
  • Change option of ‘obtain a DNS address automatically’ to ‘use the following DNS server addresses’.
  • Now, change the preferred DNS to and the alternate DNS server to
  • After pressing ok button make sure to reboot your computer and then check if the AOL mail not working currently issue has been fixed or not.

3. Disabling Security

It is possible that the anti viruses, anti malware or the firewall you are using might be responsible for blocking the ports and connections which you are using to access AOL mail. To fix this you might need to disable the security measures you are using and then try again to access AOL mail. Then after you can again on the internet security for protecting you system from virus. Also you can run your AOL mail without any risk.

4. Clearing Browsing Data and Disabling Extensions

  • You need to first press CTRL and H keys together to see the browsing data of your device. Now, when you are able to see it you need to delete the browsing history, cached files and other data from your browser so that the problem of AOL mailbox is unavailable could be fixed.
  • In the settings tab, the users need to look for the section called privacy and security and then from there they need to find the option using which they can clear the browsing data. Set the time range for which you are willing to erase the browsing history and press ok button. You can also disable the third party extensions and then try access AOL mail again.

5. Using Basic Webmail of AOL

  • Open on the browser which you are using on your device.
  • Once you are on the homepage you need to fill in your email address along with the password of the account.
  • After you have checked the details entered press on sign in which will take you to homepage, from where you can send a new email by just pressing the button email to compose the new email.

If the users want to get some extra and reliable information then we would suggest them to visit website. This is one of the best sites where the users will get the answers to all their problems, also the users can access this site easily because of its simple and easy interface.

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