Things you need to know to be an Android app developer 

Creating Android applications necessitates a full knowledge of coding and design. Android app development cost in India is always changing. When faced with unexpected technology for the very first moment, it is often beneficial to break it down into components. If you’re a seasoned web developer, several of the tools and terms required in Android app development would be familiar to you. Yet, developing apps for mobile devices frequently necessitates the expertise of a variety of more complex concepts. We polled some of our society’s brightest developers — here’s everything you need to know.


Java is the computer language that serves as the foundation for all Android development. When hoping to pick up the Java language for the first time, those who have obtained the majority of their programming knowledge in languages such as JavaScript and Ruby may face a learning curve.

Java, like JavaScript and Ruby, is object-oriented. It is much more stringent when it comes to data types. Developers must be significantly more thoughtful with their code, identifying the kinds of data their mobile apps will work. They should be assigning scarce memory space more wisely.

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XML was developed as a standard method of encoding data for web-based mobile applications. It is a hierarchical markup language with numerous similarities to HTML. Some similarities are angled brackets, tag kinds, and deep nesting of components.

Developers inside the Android ecosystem use XML to construct layouts. This serves as the core UI specification for Android applications.

Developers could also create Java code that updates layout components after the Android programme has started. This is similar to how web developers utilise JavaScript to edit components in their site during runtime. However, understanding the fundamentals of XML is a necessary skill for Android developers.


SDK is an abbreviation for Software Development Kit. While conjuring up a suitcase full of spy tools, is only a fancy term for a collection of pre-packaged code. The Android SDKs are Java code packages. These packages provide developers with access to phones device functionalities such as the cameras and accelerometer.

Gradle is a package that is an important part of the Android SDK. Assume you wish to connect your application with a social networking platform such as Facebook. You could acquire a code library (or SDK) from Facebook and then notify Gradle that you are utilising it, so your code remains nicely organised when your application builds.

New Android developers will invest a significant amount of time learning how to link all together with various Android SDKs in various ways to create an Android application.

Although this will take some time, every Android SDK includes countless instances that can be discovered in the written paperwork, making it simple to grasp what every package does as well as how to integrate it into your project.


Android Studio is based on the well-known IntelliJ IDE. It includes excellent out-of-the-box compatibility for several of the most popular Android SDKs.

Several of the tools that developers expect from a full-featured IDE are also available in Android Studio. As you write, code completion makes auto-complete suggestions. Debuggers allow you to step through your code to locate the cause of errors.

There are even more complex tools available, such as memory and CPU monitors, to assist developers in ensuring that their code will operate well on a mobile device. Android Studio is essential for both novice and professional Android developers.


As just an Android app developer, you’ll almost certainly wish to communicate with a variety of external services. You could wish to let the people access a calendar from a third-party company or monitor the stock market.

An Android app development business will usually provide APIs. And will explain how to access them for information regularly and securely. While you are free to communicate with any current API, Google also makes connecting to their APIs from your Android app quite simple.

You can easily utilise Google APIs to track your users’ whereabouts, allow them to search for nearby businesses, and access a map from inside your application.


Good execution, like every product you produce, is only successful if you’re working on a project which users truly find valuable. Before you begin developing any mobile phone app, write out the premise — who would use it and what issue will it fix? You can take help from the software development company.

Then, using a programme like Balsamiq or Sketch, design your app and demonstrate it to the majority of the target market. Get their feedback on the concept and be ready to adapt as you receive feedback through the platform. As a mobile app development company, you must overcome your fear of criticism and anticipate iterating on your concept as you create your first Android apps. The initial designs of the Android app were terrifying.

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