All schools should have armed security guards.

All schools should have armed security guards.

Security of schools is very important, and every school should take. As many preventive measures for the security of the school and students as they can. Although security was not that necessary in ancient times, it was a need of time and a necessary requirement. Even if we look through a parent’s eye, parents usually prefer those schools where they are satisfied with the security measures and have foolproof security for the students because it is obvious that no one wants to risk the life of their child, especially in times when there is zero tolerance in the people. There is a new conflict every new day.

Should schools have armed security guards?

Still, with time, people realized that public places like schools needed armed security guards when some unpleasant events took place. And when there are a large number of people, it is natural that sometimes uncertain events may happen. But school is not like other places. There is a certain set of rules and regulations and a code of conduct for schools. That is why the probability of any violent or unpleasant event in school is very low. That is why many people are against armed security guards in schools, but there are actually numerous benefits of armed security guards in schools as they prevent the situation from going out of hand.

Benefits of armed security guards in school:

Below we will discuss the numerous benefits that a school could have if they had armed security guards are:

Immediate security:

Conflicts and fights are so common in schools, especially among adult boys, and so many times, these fights go out of control for teachers and turn into group fights or riots. The school needs immediate security. Otherwise, there are clear chances of extreme violence and conflict. So whenever any situation like that occur at that time, a security guard can control the situation and bring peace back. And because of immediate security, the conflict does not turn into an unpleasant event and is resolved without any loss. And if we talk about the extremely uncertain situation, then if any attack is made on school at that time before the arrival of any security force, armed security forces can provide immediate security to the students and staff.

Prevent bullying:

Bullying is one of the serious issues that almost every school is facing nowadays, and every school is trying to solve this problem at their end. And among those precautions against bullying, one of the steps that schools are taking and is that is benefitting effectively is hiring armed security guards for schools. The security guards could help against bullying in two ways. One by taking action when someone reports bullying or when they see any student bullying any other students. At that time security guard steps forward to stop and rescue students. And the other benefit of armed security guards against bullying is that the students who have evil minds or who have plans of bullying have a fear of security guards or being caught. Because of the fear of armed security guards, they stop themselves from activities like bullying.

Better vigilance:

When there are armed security guards in the school, students and the surrounding area have better observation and vigilance. The security guards keep an eagle eye on the activities of the students as well as people around the school. They are trained to judge and observe people by their body language and actions. The armed security guard can perform an effective role if they see suspicious activity or movement around the school building or area. They can question people, ask them to move away from the place, and report the suspicious activity or person immediately to the police.

They also give a sense of security and safety for the students and teachers when they are inside the school building and even when they are coming or returning home. Along with that, if students of the school are involved in any inappropriate activity or actions, the security guard, because of their strict vigilance, can quickly recognise it and can report it to the school management or parents of the students. For instance, there are so many students who start taking drugs or any other addition. Strict vigilance is helpful at that time.

Instant help:

Many times, an emergency situation arises on the school premises as anything can happen at any time. For instance, anyone could get hurt, injured or slip from the stairs. In that situation, there is a need for quick help and aid. Although first aid is available in every school. If there is a need for taking a student or injured person to the hospital, a security guard could help a lot by taking the person in need of help to the hospital. Along with that security, guards are trained to give first aid in an emergency situation so they can help in this regard too.

Effective security check:

The security check of the bags is also a requirement of time. Security check of people and bags is very important in preventing any unpleasant or violent event. Especially in this technology era where students are so into mobiles and gadgets, even for their academic tasks. They take help from cheap assignment writing service uk through the internet. Because of so much influence of technology, they bring their gadgets with them to the school. In some schools where mobile phones or other gadgets are not allowed. In school the security check at the gate of the school help to make sure that students. Have not brought any gadgets with them. Along with that, checking bags by security guards also ensures that students have not bought. Any harmful and prohibited objects, weapons or drugs in school.

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