7 Tips for Growing Your Instagram Followers for Your Brand

With all the competing with so many other users on Instagram and its ever-changing algorithm businesses need to learn to capture the attention of users effectively enough to stop users from scrolling by.

With all the competing with so many other Instagram followers and its ever-changing algorithm businesses need to learn to capture the attention of users effectively enough to stop users from scrolling by.

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It’s time to confront the facts that attaining more Instagram followers isn’t as simple as it once was. The days of posting a picture with just a couple of hashtags on Instagram was enough to gain at the very least another 100 followers. However, the social media landscape changes rapidly, and gaining followers isn’t as easy as it was. There are still strategies you can employ to grow your company’s Instagram followers in a world that seems to make it impossible.

With the amount of competition with so many other brands on Instagram and the ever-changing algorithm companies must figure out how to capture the attention of users in a way to stop them from scrolling by. We’ve put together a list of the top tips to increase your Instagram following and giving your brand the recognition it deserves, which will make you an Instagram professional within a matter of minutes.

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1. Find the perfect moment to make your post

You may not believe it, but (but you must) the time at which you choose to post your Instagram content has a significant impact on the way it does. But, with all hours of the calendar and 7, 7 days per week, the choice of when to publish your content could be difficult. To avoid the stress of trying to make it work yourself, a simple internet search will help you create the foundation of your Instagram content calendar.

A lot of social media blogs and social management tools have gone through the research to find the most effective time when to make posts on Instagram which gives users the ability to post with confidence and saving hours of investigation. However, don’t just stick to the usual suggested times. Each user is unique, and could appear on Instagram at times that diverge from the “most well-known” times. Utilize the general information to guide your schedule, and then adjust the time you post when you determine the most optimal times to engage with your particular audience.

2. Be aware of hashtags

If you’re looking to connect with new people through Instagram hashtags are the best way to start. It’s not enough to choose a few random hashtags with a lot of followers and then call it the day. However wonderful that might be, hashtags that are popular can only take your posts up to a certain extent; fortunately, there’s another kind of hashtag that will to increase your Instagram followers.

It’s also known as it’s known as the “niche it’s referred to as the “niche hashtag.” It’s a niche hashtag that is one that focuses on a particular area of area of interest, for instance, photographers located in New York should consider using #newyorkphotographer instead of the well-known hashtag #photographer (which is already used on more than 168 million posts and more than). If you put the hashtags of niche interest on posts on your Instagram postings, it will help you get followers who already are interested in your business and boost the popularity of your brand in your Instagram community. FansLeap is a Social Servicing Platform that works 24/7 to make Malaysian famous all over the globe. They’ve aimed to be the best growth partner of every Instagrammers.

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3. Move beyond the usual post

Do not limit your content to photos. Instagram offers a range of options to provide a memorable experience to your customers. Utilizing features like video or IGTV, you’ll have the ability to give more options for users to interact to your company.

IGTV is a fantastic method to try out longer-form content on Instagram and help to discover how your followers prefer to interact to your business. Don’t be pressured to jump in and create a seven-minute video. Begin by posting one video each week and observe how your followers. Respond to it in comparison to a standard posting. Utilize these insights to improve your Instagram strategy. And remain current with the kind of content that users are attracted to.

4. Utilize geotagging

Have you heard the expression “location, Location, Location”? While it’s typically employed in relation to property, the phrase definitely is applicable to Instagram too. This is the point where it’s geotagging feature is useful it lets users save their content in the location of their choice and then tag the post to coordinates. With a geotags it means that your Instagram posts become instantly noticeable to people looking for that specific area.

There are many different ways than one method to use geotagging, which goes beyond regular posts. Instagram provides users with the option to geotags their posts using Stickers on Stories or through hashtags for locations. Are you curious about the places where people talk about your brand most? Utilize Instagram’s Explore page to search your company’s name. Or even a physical storefront should you have one and then choose “place” as the “place” choice. This will help you gain more insight into where your followers are discussing your brand. And how wide your reach and geographically.

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5. Make your photos more attractive

Instagram is a social media platform and your pictures must be high-quality in order to stand out. From the crowd and draw new users. Do you have only an iPhone with you? That’s okay! When properly used smartphones. Can be capable of taking pictures that look Instagram-worthy and you don’t even need an expert photographer. In order to determine how to do it.

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