11 Must-Do Activities in Andaman 2022

Andaman has a lot to offer, and during the Coronavirus outbreak, the local health authorities took extra precautions to keep the virus from spreading. All tourist attractions have been thoroughly sterilized, and all visitors to Andaman must do a temperature check during this period.

  1. Seakart (Self-Drive) – Immerse Yourself In Adventure

Seakart is the newest and most popular adventure sport in Andaman at the moment, allowing participants to self-drive around the coast of Port Blair. It is a unique hybrid watercraft resembling a go-kart that combines speed and thrill with safety and comfort. Therefore, if you’re seeking some exhilarating things to do in tourist package for Andaman with your loved ones, don’t miss this at Corbyn’s Cove Beach in Port Blair, where you may self-drive across uncharted seas.

  1. Snorkeling – Take Advantage of This Watersport

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to go snorkeling yet, here is your chance. Water sports are the most popular activity on our list of the finest things to do in tourist package for Andaman in April. Snorkeling at North Bay Island or Elephant Beach on Havelock Island allows you to see the most gorgeous marine life and rarest corals. We recommend Havelock because the water is cleaner than at North Bay.

  1. Bioluminescence – Witness The Magnificence Of Twinkling Stars

Consider this – instead of the blue sky above, imagine tiny illuminated stars and galaxies floating beneath your feet. Absolute joy! On Havelock Island’s shore, this is one of the best sights to see in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where the sea lights as you paddle your boat over it. This occurs as a result of the existence of phytoplankton in seawater.

  1. Scuba Diving – For Adrenaline Junkies

Scuba diving does not require you to be able to swim! Yes, many individuals avoid it because they believe that learning how to swim is necessary, but this is far from the truth. If you choose to attempt the more difficult levels of scuba and venture out into open waters, you will require swimming abilities. However, this is not the case with PADI Scuba Diving or Sea Walking. There are several locations in Andaman to attempt scuba diving. Therefore, do not be concerned; simply try the sport and explore vibrant corals and enchanted marine life. This is one of the most enjoyable activities in tourist package for Andaman.

  1. Banana Boat Ride – Experience The Rush

Riding a Banana Boat is another exciting and entertaining activity in Andaman. Six people can ride the banana-shaped boats linked to the back of a speedboat at a time. It is a completely safe activity as long as life jackets are worn and instructions are followed. This is an incredibly enjoyable activity that you must participate in when in Andaman.

  1. Glass Bottom Boat Ride – Experience The Thrill

This one is for the truly fearful of water. This is a simple ride that provides an excellent view of the corals below. With the right safety equipment, this one is also suitable for children. Indeed, if we may so state, glass-bottom boating is one of the most unusual activities available in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. While sailing in the water, you may see marine life via the boat’s glass bottom. It is regarded as one of the most fascinating activities available in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  1. Parasailing — An Adventure in the Air

Try parasailing to quench your adrenaline urge. Among Havelock Island’s activities, this one combines water and flying excitement. Tied to a speedboat and tethered in a parachute, you get to fly behind the boat like a kite as it rushes out into the sea, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most amazing things to do in tour packages Andaman

  1. Travel By Seaplane – Experience A One-Of-A-Kind Ride

Taking flight in a seaplane is one of the most unique activities available in Port Blair, Andaman, and Nicobar. You may enjoy this one-of-a-kind trip on your way from Port Blair to Havelock or your return. The seaplanes have a maximum capacity of nine people and a flying time of fifteen minutes. The same distance may be accomplished in around two hours by boat. Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Andaman and its numerous beautiful islands while flying in this seaplane, which is undoubtedly one of the most romantic activities in tourist package for Andaman!

  1. Sightseeing Tour – Discover Andaman’s Natural Beauty

Andaman is a traveler’s delight, an ideal island for a tranquil escape. There is a lot to see here, with a plethora of beaches and tourist sites distributed over several islands. Individual island trips are available on the major Andaman Islands, including Havelock Island, Neil Island, Port Blair, and Ross & Smith Island. Port Blair’s Cellular Jail National Memorial, Samudrika Marine Museum, and Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex; Havelock Island’s Radhanagar Beach; Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park; Baratang’s mud volcanoes; Barren Island’s active volcano; and Chidiya Tapu are just a few of the many places to visit in Andaman.

  1. Dazzle Your Senses With The Light And Sound Show

Visiting the Cellular Jail is one of the top March activities in Port Blair, Andaman. The jail, formerly known as Kaala Paani Jail, was used as a colonial prisoner by the British. The memorial is evocative of India’s battle for independence. However, its centerpiece is the Light & Sound Show. The program features a narration by a Peepal tree, spoken by famous actor Om Puri, recounting the heartbreaking experiences of captives tortured to death in jail.

  1. Madhuban Trek – A Combination Of Adventure And Fun

Naturally, you must have assumed that islands with such beautiful beaches would be great for resting. Some of you may be aware of the water activities in the Andaman Islands. To be sure, every one of you is correct. However, just somewhat, as there is more work to be done here. Indeed, walking from Mt Harriet – the archipelago’s third-highest peak – to Madhuban through Kala Patthar is one of the top Andaman activities. The walking track winds through a tough section of woodland, which is home to an abundance of flora and wildlife. Island hiking is one of the top October activities in tourist package for Andaman due to the wonderful weather.

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